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【2018 Moonlight Sea Concert】0629/Nan Jombang Dance Company

Founded by Ery Mefri in 1983,

the name Nan Jombang comes from Ery’s first production of dance performance Nan Jombang. Come from a strong dance lineage of the traditional Indonesian sultan royalty, Ery Mefri infused the traditional and contemporary dance elements from the inangkabau people in West Sumatra into this unique piece. His works mostly follow the philosophy of nature’s teaching to discuss various traditional and contemporary issues the Minangkabau people are facing today.

The group has been actively performing in numerous important art events in multiple countries, including American Dance Festival in Durham, North Carolina, and New York in the USA; STSI Padang Pangjang Contemporary Dance Festival; participated choreography forums three times including Indonesia, USA and Korea; and performed evening dance in Singapore, Australia, and the USA in 2012.

Nan Jombang Dance Company

Rantau Berbisik

 ( Whispering of Exile)


Is inspired by the long tradition of Minangkabau men migration across the archipelago to make their fortune before returning home.

This piece brings together the physical, the spiritual, the ancient and the contemporary in what can only be described as a dance ” tour de force”.

Emigration has been a long tradition with Minangkabau society. Generations of rather  young males have been leaving their families and native villages to fend for themselves.

By enduring emigration, they develop into mature human beings capable of facing the hardships of life. In their strife of survival they have contributed to the spread of Warung Nasi Padang (Padang food– eateries) all over Indonesia as a cultural contribution. Motto:”wherever you are, adapt yourself till it becomes your home as well”.


Choreographer: Ery Mefri

Dancers: Angga Mefri, Rio Mefri, Intan Mefri, Ririn Mefri, and Gitra Miranda

Artistic Director: Ery Mefri

Lighting Designer: Ricco Syaifularif Fadhillah

Manager: Angga Mefri




印尼 Nan Jombang Dance Company




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