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11 Best Photogenic Locations: Photo Contest Guidelines


Based on the East Coast Land Arts Festival’s ideology of “Living as art, and art is life,” various artworks that were perfectly integrated with the landscape are created on the core concept of earthy creativity with embedded cultural characteristics; the Moon Light Concerts that set in as earth, the seat, sky, the ceiling, and ocean the background, and moonlight, the companion. In order to capture these beautiful scenes, a photography contest is being held especially for many friends with a passion for photography to present the most beautiful East Coast scenic view with their unique tastes.

Main Organizer

Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communication, East Coast National Scenic Area Headquarters


Hengchang Industrial Co. Ltd., (FUJIFILM Taiwan Distributor), Taitung Dawn Artist Village, Moon Light Inn and Gallery


Nanzhuhu Resort, MATA Taiwan Indigenous Cultural Resort, Jinling Whale-Watching Boat, Yiren Bay Guesthouse, Wild Rabbit 970 Cafe, Moon Light Sea Cafe. 

Contest Theme

Photos that represent the beauty, diversity, joyfulness and happiness related to the East Coast Land Arts Festival’s artworks, its cultural and humanistic elements, landscapes and ecology; or lively interactions and ambiance of the Moon Light Concerts.

Submission Period

Deadline: 24:00 Friday August 25, 2017

Submission Method and Upload Format

  • Online submission only. Please upload (image and text) to Land Arts Festival’s website, https://gallery.teclandart.tw, and correctly and completely provide relevant data in the application form, such as photo titles, time and location, regarding when and where photos were taken, and its content description.
  • Five photos maximum for each submission, without any restriction regarding when the photos were taken. Individuals can also submit published works or images and text. (Please do not submit any work with copyright disputes, or with released or transferred author’s rights.) Uploaded work must be in jpg format, and the size of the image should be at least 3008 pixels wide (horizontal photo) or 1688 pixels high (vertical photo), with resolution no less than 300 dpi, the maximum photo file size is 5 MB.
  • Photos are allowed to have basic photographic adjustments such as brightness, contrast, color, saturation, exposure, framing, straightening, and turning colored into black and white. Additional photo effects such as composing, overlapping, filters and removing or fabricating parts of the image are allowed. Do not add any blank frame on the sides, text, watermark or signature on the photos.

Evaluation Methods and Results, Announcement Schedule

  1. Online voting outcome makes up 50% of the final score, and the evaluation committee’s decision makes up the other 50% of the final score.
  2. Online voting activity: The online voting period is from July 1 to September 1, 2017. After registration, one can log in to vote and then leave comments below the photos selected as the most beautiful ones. After the voting activity ends, 20 lucky participants will be chosen and awarded valuable prizes offered by our sponsors such as FUJIFILM and highly rated hotels.
  3. The evaluation committee set up by the organizer will evaluate submitted photos from September 5-6, 2017.
  4. Results will be announced on September 8, 2017 on the Land Arts Festival’s website and facebook page.

Award Policy

Ten awarded photographers will received: 1 certificate, award prize $5000 NT, and awarded photos and other outstanding works will be displayed at the FUJIFILM Hengchang Gallery – Earth Image Photography Exhibition.


  • Once the film is uploaded and shared, it cannot be deleted from the event website.
  • The photos uploaded must be relevant to the event while not violating social and moral customs. The event organizer has the final power to determine the ownership of photos that are taken during the event. After uploading your photos, our event administrative personnel will confirm to ensure that it is appropriate based on the above-mentioned principles, and then publish it on the event website within one or two days.
  • It is strictly prohibited to misappropriate another person’s work as one’s own. Those awarded who violate this will cause their award to be canceled, and the applicants, instead of the event organizer, should be responsible for their violation of copyright.
  • All awarded works should be signed with the “Consent of Transfer of Copyrighted Property” form, so the event organizer can use it for non-commercial promotional purposes, and reproduce it for various performance formats based on the displaying necessity.
  • The event organizer reserves the right to modify and terminate this event at anytime, while more details regarding other affairs relevant to the event can be announced later.
  • To enter this contest is to acknowledge various regulations defined by the organizer by default.