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2017 East Coast Land Arts Festival: Moonlit Sea Concert Info

“Mother Island”

The geographic backdrop of the “East Coast Land Arts Festival” is the long and narrow land mass situated between the coastal mountain range and the Pacific Ocean, 168 kilometers in length, extending southward out of Hualien City to Taitung City; home to the site of Paleolithic Changbin Culture (5,000 to 50,000 years ago) that presented the earliest evidence of human activity on the island of Taiwan.

Thousands of years have passed, ten indigenous groups found their home here, as well as the Han Chinese and a significant number of new immigrants from around the world have also settled here with the total population reaching just over 50,000. So many ethnic groups are scattered around such a long and narrow space, where the mountains meet the ocean, with its extending, diversified and fluid character giving birth to unique symbiotic relationships, both inter-personally and between people and nature. The intertidal zone, the exposed coastal area that belongs to both the land and the ocean, where different realities overlap, is home to a rich ecological diversity and an abundant marine life culture – a food bank from which the local Amis people are nourished daily.

Based on the collaboration among East Coast National Scenic Area Tourist Bureau, local artist groups, and villagers over the past two decades, and on the foundation of the successful festivals that took place the previous two years, this year’s “East Coast Land Arts Festival” hopes to integrate resources from a wider spectrum with more meticulous approaches and diversified operations. With this larger vision we hope to embody the culture and lifestyle aesthetics of the intertidal symbiosis along the East Coast of Taiwan, which has deeply influenced the entire Pacific Region, as we create our own subjectivity wthin this intertidal zone where civilization and nature meet. And explore how to continually deepen and cultivate multi-faceted dialogue with the world, which is the most important lesson at the moment. Thus, this year’s festival will present the unique cultural and natural qualities of the East Coast of Taiwan under the core concept of “Intertidal Symbiosis.”


▌ Offering Songs as Gifts to Meet the World

The magnificent beauty of the East Coast landscapes is pristine and selfless, not only can it comfort the hearts and souls of modern people, but also offers limitless inspirations to artists and creators. Local artists like to combine their works with the natural surroundings and create works with materials that can be directly gathered from the natural environment, such as driftwood, water, mud, rocks and other organic materials. “Earthly aesthetics” is the attitude of us East Coast dwellers. Artworks often preserve the changes left by natural forces with traces of erosion, maintaining a natural aesthetic that gradually evolves.

The“Moonlit Sea Concerts” uses the natural landscape as a background for the stage, with a dynamic display of the natural phenomena of a rising moon and a setting sun, and the rising and retreating of ocean waves and tides – a metaphor for the leisure philosophy and East Coast living aesthetics of Land Arts Festival. We plan to present the “Moonlit Sea Concerts” with the integral concept of “Offering Songs as Gifts to Meet the World” through a dynamic display with performances and markets to express the East Coast landscapes and its richness in music, ethnicity, culture, and spirit.

Kimbo, a song offerer, once proclaimed: “Kisunei means ‘offer songs’ in Puyuma language. Perhaps through my singing, others can receive blessings. Why don’t we just say ‘offer blessings,’ but instead we say ‘offer songs’? Because songs are so important to us, they are our highest form of expression. Our singing is an honest statement, a praise to nature, and in our songs, we can hear simple chants, expressing infinite praise to the land that is filled with all kinds of creatures. This way of singing is really selfless.”

Giving a concept for each set of concerts, we respectively set up the themes: Offering Songs, Gifts, and Meeting the World, under the titles of: ‘Songs of the Earth’, ‘Our Gifts’, and ‘Songs of Wandering’, creating scenarios for visitors to participate in. In addition to providing music and a marketplace, we hope to create an ambience of a “warm and joyful gathering” to encourage visitors to take advantage of this concert and invite family and friends to get together, socialize and mingle on the lawn in front of the Douli Visitor Center.

▌The Date and Performers for Each Theme

Song of the Earth

June 10 (Sat)

Amis Gagen


Nan Wang Sisters



June 11 (Sun)




Our Gifts

July 9 (Sun)

Sun Son Theatre

Chu-Yin Culture and Arts Troupe

Ilid Kaolo

Balai + GaGa


July 10 (Mon)

Karivuwan Tzudjuiy and Djuwabalj Elementary School


A Hsiu & The Nawan Group

Original Brewing

Songs of Wandering

August 8 (Tue)

A Moving Sound

Genio Dance Troupe



August 9 (Wed)



Sheng Xiang&Band

Suming + Amis Brothers and Sisters


04:00 PM~09:00 PM


Douli Visitor Center No.25, Xincun Rd. Taitung County, Chenggong Township

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