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2018 East Coast Land Arts Festival

On Friday, June 29, around 4 in the afternoon, East Coast National Scenic Area (ECNSA), Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications will kick off the third annual “2018 East Coast Land Arts Festival” at Douli Visitor Center, Cheng-gong Township, Taitung County to the next level. This year’s events will include “Artist Residential Program, Moonlight Sea Concert, Open Artist Studio, and Artsy Marketplace. A national press release was held on May, 23rd in Taipei International Art Village. Nearly one hundred guests joined for the opening release including Legislator Su Qiaohui, Secretory in Chief; Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation, Lin Kunyuan; Executive Director of the Eastern Joint Office of the Executive Yuan, Xu Chuansheng; Manager of Australian Office Taipei, Hu Weijuan; Director of Tenjinyama Art Studio, Mami Odai; Liberty Times, China Times, National Geographic, Central News Agency, Common Wealth Magazine, Radio Taiwan International, Taiwan Indigenous Television, China Post, Mirror Media, renown bloggers from Thailand, Bamboo Culture Studio, Taiwan Art Space Alliance, and curators from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei. The host has put it so well, “the length of east coast is 168 km, but the width between mountains and ocean is merely 50 steps. It is one of the very few most culturally diversified spots in the world, and a large living museum encompassing space from 50 meters below sea level to 1682 meters above sea level.

“East Coast Land Arts Festival” has been widely praised by many since its first annual in 2015 into the present. To strengthen Taiwan’s international ties, the main theme “Inter-archipelago” has been chosen for the fourth annual “East Coast and Arts Festival” to consistently follow up on the main curating concept “Intertidal Symbiosis” germinated in 2017. The visual design of combined-images of ocean waves and fingerprints, indicating the close connection between human and the environment, with perspectives from micro to macro, to further exploring and discussing Taiwan- the Mother Island of Pan Pacific Cultures and her forgotten Oceanic Nature. As the curator Li Yunyi articulated, “the first outfit we put on is the Pacific breeze, blowing through mountains and seas, bouncing around the islands of the archipelago. Everything is nature’s gift, and all we do is chewing and translating, associating and presenting the living beauty and wonders of the East Coast Taiwan into various art forms.

The artist-in-residence program is designed to meet the theme “Inter-archipelago” and the cultural and natural landscapes of the East Coast. Local and international artists are invited to reside on the East Coast for one month to create arts. We hope to embody our intangible cultural assets through these artists’ eyes, and thereby exploring the “Pacific Aesthetics” of the East Coast of Taiwan, and continuing our dialogue with the world.

Award-winning singers Ilid Kaolo and Sangpuy are endorsers of this year’s event. This year’s theme song “Ocean Wave” is Ilid’s original work to interpret the island Taiwan as a mountain above the sea. Sangpuy also mentioned that “Without deliberate arrangements, we follow the most original lifestyle, feeling the earth with our feet, experiencing the ocean with our whole body.” Besides, artists George and Rahic coincidentally mentioned that “we inherited our ancestors’ wisdom and teachings. The responsibility to protect the ocean and earth is shared beyond national and ethnic boundaries among all of us.” Meanwhile, the invitation is widely extended to world travelers to join us, with a slower pace over a more extended period, participating first hand to experience the diverse and unique Pacific Culture of the East Coast.

Artist-in-residence Program

Twelve local and foreign artists are invited to reside in the villages along East Coast from May to August to create arts. Their names and locations are listed as follow: Rahic Talif- Duli Visitor Center; Lin Hong Wen- Zhangyuan Bridge Park; Eleng Luluan- Ningpu Park; Rao Ai Chin- Jialulan Park; Huang Chih Wei- Duli Visitor Center; Euglena Program of Art:Lu Mu Jen, Chiao Sheng Wei- Duli Visitor Center; Chang Ho Min- Yongfu Chicao Bridge Park. Special guests including contemporary New Zealand Maori artist, George Nuku, co-creating Austronesian Oceanic dialogues in Duli Visitor; Australian pioneering giant puppet maker Daniele Poidomani, specializing in community collaboration; the most influential contemporary Japanese artist Testuya Umadia, a participant of Sapporo International Art Festival; and Dr. Maiko Sugano, a Ph D in visual arts from Tokyo University of the Arts, and also a participant of 2016 East Coast Land Arts Festival and created artwork “Sea Turtle,” which was very popular among the media and visitors. The artist will also be creating new work at the Duli Visitor Center this year.


 “Moonlight Sea” Concert Series

In addition to stationary artwork exhibition, the Moonlight Sea Concert has been offering exciting programs with romantic leisure atmosphere since 2016 in Duli Visitor Center, creating a magnificent outdoor venue of a gigantic natural theater that incorporates the “rising full moon” of the East Coast, and is thereby highly recognized by all the participants. This year, we called out “Islands Chorus, World Voyage,” hoping to bring more visitors to join and enjoy this music feast while “sitting on the ground under the sky with ocean background and moonlight’s company.” We will present seven concerts this year under different themes; “Oceanic Blessings and Oceanic Praises,” June 29-30; “Island Blues, Archipelago Voices, and Archipelago Swing,” July 27-29; “Ocean Cruise and Endless Waves,” August 25-26; inviting individuals and groups of performers locally and overseas to join the show. In addition to the event endorsers, Ilid Kaolo and Sangpuy, well-known performing groups including Chuyin Cultural Dance Troupe, 089 Dance Troupe, Yin Yuan Xian from Taitung University, Jazz Band from Donghuan University, Anu, Dakanow+Mathuaw, Kimbo, Suming, Abao, Nan Wang Sisters, Allo and Austronesian Musicians, Wan Fang + Wang Yu Ju, Sheng Xiang’s Band, Wild Ginger Flower, Outlet Drift, Wu Hao En, Wu Wen Fang and Chen Jian Nian. This year, we also invited Nan Jombang Dance Company from Sumatra, Indonesia that had performed at the Edinburgh Festival in the UK, and INFERNO fire dancer group, and Marawraw, a band of ethnic minority Aninu from Hokkaido, Japan, joining the concert and having a full-on blast.

“Open Art Studio”
An art network is created through local connections to gather the cultural energy of the East Coast Taiwan and link it up with the world. The artists will host open studio events for artistic and cultural exhibitions to increase event effectiveness and enhance the quality of tourist content. The eight specially chosen art studios are Shiti Kiln, Highway 11 Art Studio, 94 Grocery Store, Haode Creative Studio, Barai, Wang Yuwen, Mima-an Studio, and Dewara from Lanyu. The events start from June 1 to August 31 open during regular schedule on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, with small performance, marketplace, and experiential DIY workshop.


“Thoughtful Value-Added Service”

In addition to the main events “Artist-in-Residence Program,” “Moonlight Sea Concerts,” and “Open Art Studios,” we also designed events including “Artist Mini Tours,” “Land Art Passport” and “Creative Art Market.” East Coast Land Arts Festival provides free shuttle bus for the “Moonlight Sea Concerts,” and further collaborating with travel agents, offering relevant tour packages, including “Taitung, Green Island and Lanyu Self-guided Tour” (currently on sale) by Qinqin Travel Service Co Ltd.,” and two to three days packaged tours for “Land Arts Festival Moonlight Sea” by Hsiung-le Travel Service Co. Ltd., as well as the National Travel Card Package (sales starting on May 23).

We also collaborate with Hong Kong China Travel Service to provide long-term independent tour packages, while “Land Arts Passport” will be exclusively available for sale at the designated locations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and China. Besides offering a comprehensive event content, advice on arty mini trips, bus pass (East Coast Coastline Day Pass), relevant travel info, most importantly, the Land Arts Passport has allied with 120 local business operators this year to provide a hefty discount and bonuses of nearly $50,000 NT.

“2018 Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival”

offers various exciting events. Please check East Coast Scenic Area’s official website www.eastcoast-nsa.gov.tw/ or event’s official site www.teclandart.tw. Please follow Facebook Pages “East Coast Land Arts Festival,” and  “Nga’ayho How Are You East Coast” for instant detail updates.

“Taiwan Travel Free Shuttle Service”

Dates: June 29, 30; July 27,28,29; August 25,26; two buses leaving Taitung Bus Station at 3:30 pm, passing by Taitung Stain Station, and returning at 9:50 pm.

“Saturdays and Sundays Guided Art Tour Service”

Reservation Contact: Wu Shulun 089-841005

Hsiung-le Travel Service:

Sales starts on 5/23- Two to three days packaged tours for “Land Arts Festival Moonlight Sea,” as well as the National Travel Card Package

Contact info: 0982-569926 Mr. Qiu

Qinqin Travel Service: Sales starts now- Taitung, Green Island and Lanyu Self-guided Tour

【Hong Kong China Travel Service】

Sale starts now- Long-term independent tour packages, with “East Coast Land Arts Passport” for sale overseas.  http://ww1.ctshk.com/zh/ch-package/

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【News Contact】

 Deputy Director of the East Coast Scenic Area    Gao Tanggui   0916-779269

Recreational Division, East Coast Scenic Area  Jane Miu 0912-789233


Artists and Artwork Info and Location

藝術家 Artist 預計設置地點 Installation Location
林鴻文 Lin Hong Wen 樟原橋遊憩區(1177.5公里處)

Zhangyuan Bridge Park (Highway 11, 77.5KM)

安聖惠 Eleng Luluan 寧埔遊憩區 (1195.5公里處)

Ningpu Park (High 11, 95.5KM)

饒愛琴 Rao Ai Chin 加路蘭遊憩區(11157.7公里處)

Jialulan Park (Hihghway 11. 157.7KM)

黃志偉 Huang Chih Wei 都歷園區(11125.5公里處)

Duli Visitor Center (Highway 11, 125.5KM)

眼蟲計劃(呂沐芢+焦聖偉) Euglena Program of ArtLu Mu Jen, Chiao Sheng Wei 都歷園區(11125.5公里處)

Duli Visitor Center (Highway 11, 125.5 KM)


Rahic Talif


Duli Visitor Center (Highway 11, 125.5 KM)


Chang Ho Min


Chicao Bridge Park (Highway11, 90KM)


George Nuku


Duli Visitor Center )Highway 11, 125.5KM)


Maiko Sugano


Duli Visitor Center (Highway 11, 125.5KM)


Daniele Poidomani


Duli Visitor Center (Highway 11, 125.5KM)


Umeda Tetsuya


Duli Visitor Center (Highway 11, 125.5KM)

Moonlight Sea Concerts

時間/主題Time/Theme 演出團隊Performers


June 29 (Saturday)

Ocean’s Blessings


印尼Nan Jombang Dance Company

Nan Jombang Dance Company, Chuyin Cultural Dance Troupe,

Ilid Kaolo



June 30 (Sunday)

Ocean’s Praises


愛奴族樂團Marawraw 、東華大學魏廣浩爵士樂團

Yin Yuan Xian from Taitung University, 089 Dance Troupe, Jazz Band from Donghuan University, Anu People’s Marewrew



July 27 (Friday)

Island Blues



Anu Kaliting Shalibonan, Dakanow+Mathuaw, Kimbo



July 28 (Saturday)

Archipelago Voices


Suming, Abao, Sangpuy



July 29 (Sunday)

Archipelago Swing


Nan Wang Sisters, Irish Inferno Fire Dance, Allo and Austronesian Musicians



August 25 (Saturday)

Ocean Cruise


Sheng Xiang’s Band, Wild Ginger Flower, Wan Fang + Wang Yu Ju



August 26 (Sunday)

Endless Waves


Outlet Drift, Wu Hao En, Wu Wen Fang and Chen Jian Nian

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