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2019-202 East Coast Land Arts Festiva-Selection Announcement

The East Coast National Scenic Area Headquarters of Tourism Bureau, Department of Transportation is organizing the fifth annual “East Coast Land Arts Festival” this year (2019), for better aligning with the annual theme of Mountain Travel Year in 2020. The East Coast Land Arts Festival invited local and overseas artists to ponder on the geographic characteristics of Taiwan’s East Coast and how the merging of Euroasian Plate and Philippine Sea Plate and the meeting of mountain and ocean bring out the artistic sparks. A total of 42 artists have submitted applications, and three local artists and two overseas artists are selected. It is hoped that they can infuse the energy of plate aggregation into their artworks through planning and preparation for one entire year.

Changing the regular creative method, the artists of Land Arts Festival now no longer work in their studios but instead, through the residency program, they create artworks onsite, allowing visitors to experience and witness the artistic creative processes.

Our Art Residency program has received many applications this year and is very rich in content. A total of 30 local artists and 12 international artists submitted, which is a total of 42 applications submitted by the artists whose nationalities including Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Budhan, USA and France. The content of these applications are brilliant and diversified and have made it very difficult to make their selection. After an intense discussion, final decisions were made; three local artists and two overseas artists. Regardless of they are local artists, or from another county or even another nation, we are excitedly looking forward to next year’s (2020) artworks and hopefully that by merging the artistic and creative energy to form the unique arts, cultures, and landscapes of the East Coast.

2019-202 East Coast Land Arts Festiva

Selection Announcement

2019-2020 East Coast Land Arts Festival has been calling for applications until June 30, 2019. A total of 42 applications have submitted. The ECSNA announced five selected applicants with initial confirmation of working sites in a meeting July 23. Congratulations to all chosen artists. The following list is the selected artists for the Art Residency program and will follow up with contract signing.

國內藝術家-入選名單 Selection of Local Artists
No. Name Work Title Remark
1 李簣至
Li Kuizhi
formally selected
2 周學涵
Zhou Xuehan
Soga Monster  

formally selected


3 歐舟
Ou Zhou
New Island, Old Soul

formally selected




Selection of Overseas Artists

1 杉原信幸 波の箱舟、神話を編む

Wave Ark, Knitting Mythology


formally selected


2 井上唯 In between  

formally selected