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2019-2020 Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival Open Studio Application

  1. Our Purpose

The East Coast Scenic Area, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation organizing the 2019-2020 East Coast Land Arts Festival is calling for artists to apply for our residency program while designing this year’s market, concerts, and other creative content. During the festival, at least four art spaces will be selected as the Open Studios showcasing interactive events and workshops and hosting gatherings to mingle about the creative vibes of the East Coast.

Artists’ studios, villages/community or private galleries, literature and art spaces that operate regularly are especially encouraged to apply and participate in conducting various creative, artful activities (including performances, residencies, and talks). Those without the spaces mentioned above are also welcome to seek suitable studio or alternative spaces to propose and conduct creative activities.


  1. Organizers

Main Organizer: East Coast National Scenic Area, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation

Executive Organizer: Taitung Dawn Artist Village


  1. Qualifications

Artist studios and community or private galleries that operate regularly within the East Coast Scenic Area are qualified to apply. We also welcome artists with the qualities mentioned above to seek space to conduct art residencies, workshops, exhibitions, etc.



  1. How to Apply

A.Content to Submit with Application:

1. Application Form

2. Biography about the Art Studio (with text and graphic)

3.Open Studio Proposal (including open studio design concept, execution methods, and schedule. Graphic illustration can be presented with 3D simulation or hand drawings.)

4.Eight bound copies of the documents mentioned above, with the digital files on a disc.


B. Go to the ECNSA website www.eastcoast-nsa.gov.tw or event website www.teclandart.tw for guidelines and download the application form.


C.Submission Methods:

  1. Special delivery or registered postal mail. Deadline: 5pm, May 31, 2019. No applications will be accepted after the deadline (by postmark date).
  2. Mailing Address: Attention- Jian Miaoyi, The East Coast National Scenic Area, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation

(Please note on the envelope- “Application for 2019 ECNSA Land Arts Festival- Open Studio”)

No 25, Xincun Rd. Xinyi Village, Chenggong Township, Taitung County, 96144

Telephone: (089)841520#1308


  1. Open Studio’s Rights and Obligations

(1) The selected studios will be offered a maximum amount of $30,000 NTD (one sponsorship per space)

(2) After the selection is announced, collaborative agreements will be signed immediately.

(3) The selected studios will cooperate with East Coast Land Arts Festival to install and display the official banners produced by the event organizer before the event.

(4) The selected studios should cooperate with the organizer on promotional and marketing efforts for the events.

(5) The selected studios should be part of the 2019-2020 East Coast Land Arts Festival’s opening, the marketplace, and other relevant events.

(6) During the exhibition period of the Land Arts Festival (June 1- September 31, 2019-2020), the selected studios should be open at least four hours a day, and three days a week, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

(7) All the profit generated during the event belongs to the studios or artists.

(8) The organizers have the rights to take photographs or video at the selected studios during the event for purposes of research, promotion and press release.


  1. Selection Method

A.Judging Criteria: Creativity 30%, Effectiveness 20%, Feasibility 25%, Ability to exercise rights and fulfill obligations 25%

B.The organizers will call for an evaluation meeting to select at least four proposals for open studio or artist residency

C.Once the result is announced, execution of contract signing and other affairs will follow immediately.