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2019 Promo Video

Songs of Waves

The 2019 event theme “Songs of Waves” is the continuation of the spirit of ocean invoke in 2017’s “Intertidal Symbiosis,” and 2018’s “Between Islands,” embodying the local symbiotic connections and stressing the importance of Taiwan as the mother island of the pan-pacific culture. In 2019, under the theme “Songs of Waves,” we intend to focus on the rhythmic and unique aspect of life following the natural cycles of the East Coast. Under this theme, we would like to invite artists to collaborate with Dulan Village to create a piece of installation on the villagers’ cultural heritage site, Dulan Cape, with a variety of arrangements of mix media including video and audio to represent local cultural roots and village life. We are also calling for four partners for the Open Studio event to carry out the versatile and rhymic art energy of the East Coast. Also, to broaden and invigorate the participation of the Moonlight Sea Concerts, this year, for the first time, we are openly calling for individual or group performers to join us on stage. The selected ones will take the stage, shining gloriously in the Moonlight Sea Concert like an international superstar on September 14.