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2021 Mountains Harmonize Ocean Songs Application Form Creative Eco-friendly Tableware Design Contest

Mountains and ocean harmonize synergistically in creativity to love the earth:Coping with the pandemic, our society today have many concerns about the safety of eating utensils; thus, the “Mountains Harmonize Ocean Songs- Eco-friendly Tableware Design Contest” is organized based on the concept that “creatively making our own eating utensils is also a kind of fashion in the time of covid.

Through this contest, we hope to introduce the abundance of the East Coast’s natural materials as well as the eco-friendly concept of sustainable tourism to our friends participating in the event.

Application Form

  • Event Description: The Creative Eco-friendly Design Contest is co-organized with the “Moonlight Sea Concert – Creative Market.”
  • Cost: Entirely free. Participants should prepare their own materials for making tableware; please only use natural materials (conservative and toxic plants are prohibited). Selected participants will receive a grant of $2,000 NTD for the cost of materials and labor.
  • Application: Open until May 17 (Monday) 5 pm
  • Applicant Status: Unrestrictive, anyone interested can apply and up to three people as a group
  • How to Apply: Online application only. Please fill out the application form, and once it is verified, applicants will be notified with emails or phone calls.
    Online application: >>Link Here to Application Form<<
  • Contest Theme: In line with the event theme “Mountains Harmonize Ocean Songs,” the gathered natural materials are used and designed for on-site production and display. The natural materials to be used should be easy to carry and match the theme while providing a sense of coherence; preferably can be gathered locally for reproduction.
  • Venue Location: East Coast National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communication (No. 25 Xinchun Rd., Xinyi Village, Chenggong Township, Taitung County, 96144). The event will be located in Area F on the site map (as shown below).

Contest Guidelines:

  1. Specifications: Any Eco-friendly lunch boxes and tableware made of natural materials and can be used on site
  2. Preliminary Evaluation: From all applications submitted, ten groups will be selected and announced by May 31 (Monday).
  3. Final Evaluation: Final selection will be held on June 21 (Monday) at 4:30 pm, for one hour. After the judging evaluation, the winners will be announced and awarded on-site. Winners should offer one set of the winning designs should be provided to the organizer as collectibles.

    Check-in Time: 4 pm, applicants will be seated according to the order of check-in.

    For the final evaluation, finalists must prepare for a display board in A4 size showing the group’s name for identification and scoring.

  4. Materials used for the contest: Natural materials can be finished or semi-finished products, which can be processed and displayed on-site, and at least six sets of products should be provided for display,  photo shooting, and evaluation purposes.
  5. Finalists must come prepared with their own materials, decorative items, and other related supplies; they can also sell the design products on site.
  6. Disputes regarding the results of the contest will be handled by the organizer in consultation with the finalists.

Grading Mechanism:

Two representative experts outside of the organization and three representatives from the chief organizer

  1. Thematic (30%): Align with the spirit, meaning, and characteristic of using natural materials
  2. Locality (30%): Use local materials or integrate with local stories of the East Coast.
  3. Originality (30%): Overall imagery and presentation of tableware layout, including display, demonstration, material processing, and package, etc.
  4. On-site Voting (10%): 20 people will be invited to vote on-site (and receive the Land Arts Festival complimentary gift.



Three groups of the finalist with the highest scores will be awarded-

Champion – Prize $10,000 NTD

Second Place – Prize $8,000 NTD

Third Place – Prize $5,000 NTD

Excellency – Three groups, Prize $2,000 NTD Each  

Note: Digital photos of the winning designs will be sent to the finalist in emails and used for marketing and promotional purposes. All the selected groups will receive one set of the Land Arts Festival complimentary gifts.

Raining Day Back-up Plan: Like the rainy day backup plan of the “Moonlight Sea Concert,” this event will be moved indoors in the case of rain.



Online Application for Creative Eco-friendly Tableware Design Contest:

>> Link Here for Application Form<<