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About Taiwan East Coast Land Art

The East Coast National Scenic Area, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Republic of China  will host the third annual East Coast Land Art Festival. We invite artists to submit proposals to create installation arts that combine the natural environment, geographic landscape, and spatial aesthetics of the East Coast National Scenic Area. The festival emphasizes onsite creation and local participation, focusing on the dialogue among art, nature and culture to adapt to the climate and ecological context of the East Coast. The purpose is to gather local and international artistic creativity through a modern cultural tourist strategy into shaping unique cultural and scenic landscapes of the East Coast of Taiwan.

2019 Curatorial Discussion

 2019 Mother Island : Songs of Tidal Waves

After exploring the East Coast of Taiwan’s geographic location on the world map of islands and oceans, “Songs of Tidal Waves” was confirmed as the theme for the 2019 East Coast Land Arts Festival, which will allow us to continue our dialogue on the sense of time of the East Coast life. Travelers often praise by saying, “life in Hualien and Taitung is righteously leisurely and slow-paced!” However, for the locals, “life is far from chillaxing, but rather busy.” Living here, on the East Coast, daily activities must adapt to seasonal patterns. For example, on a long summer day, one must start working before sunrise to avoid the maddening mid-day heat between 10 AM to 3 PM. As winter approaches, the northeast monsoon wind blows, and fish swarms with the southbound ocean currents, fishers must work hard through this time, regardless of the rough sea and gusty winds. Not to mention those Amis people harvesting seafood along the extensive coastline every day; all seem to have a built-in calculator that automatically counts when the next high or low tide is. In the intertidal zone, bending down and gathering food must be done with an eye on the wave patterns at all times. Rhythmically watching these tidal waves rise and fall may seem slow and easy. It requires the undivided attention, full body awareness, as well as the accumulative wisdom over many generations to interpret them, to embody such unique charming rhythm of the East Coast.

Therefore, in 2019, under the theme “Songs of Waves”, a representation of the East Coast life, is brought forth through the dance and songs of the Moonlight Sea Concerts, and the annual release of the artist residency program, showing how the tidal force shapes the local culture, its unique musicality, and sense of time.