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Announcing the 2017 East Coast Land Arts Festival’s Selection of Residential Artists and Open Studios

Release Date: May 12, 2017

The East Coast National Scenic Area, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications is organizing the third annual “East Coast Land Arts Festival.” Local and international artists, as well as art studios on the east coast of Taiwan are invited to participate and apply. This year’s event is themed under the core concept “Intertidal Symbiosis” and has received applications from 21 artists and 11 studios. After evaluation by experts, 4 artists and 7 studios were selected.

This year’s Land Arts Festival took an extraordinary approach by bringing artists out of their studios to create artwork onsite, allowing visitors to experience and witness the creative process of their works. Visitors are welcome to check out the artists’ onsite creative process during their residencies (June 1 to June 28); in addition, from June 1 to August 31, the 7 selected “open studios” will also present a series of exhibitions along with creative, experiential and promotional activities.

 The director of ECNSA, Hong Dongtao, stated that there were many applications submitted for this year’s artists’ residencies and open studios with rich content. Some applicants are from other counties and even from abroad. And so, we are very excited to see this year’s artwork. Hopefully, with the crossover collaboration between local artists and studios, the vitality of artistic creativity can be focalized into forming the unique cultural and geographic landscapes of the East Coast of Taiwan.

The selection of artists and studios is announced on ECNSA’s website, http://www.eastcoast-nsa..gov.tw, or visit the official event  website www.teclandart.tw. For detailed instant event updates, please follow the East Coast Land Arts Festival’s Facebook Page.

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