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2019-2020 East Coast Land Arts Festival-Artist Residency Program Application

2019-2020 East Coast Land Arts Festival

Artist Residency Program Application

The East Coast National Scenic Area, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation (hereinafter referred to as ECNSA) will host the sixth annual East Coast Land Arts Festival in 2020, and is inviting applications for a residency program to create five pieces of installation art to integrate various elements of the East Coast’s natural surroundings, geographic landscapes, and spatial aesthetics. The inner strength of the ordinary scenery that we take for granted can be re-interpreted from a brand new perspective. Thus, the revolving locations of “art residencies” is necessary for both artists and landscapes. Among the numerous “Residency Spaces” and “Residency Programs” around the world these days, either officially or privately organized, the “Artist Residency Program of the 2019-202 East Coast Land Arts Festival” is customized for an art festival which is briefly introduced as follows.


Theme: Mother Island “Gathering Boundary”

168 kilometers in length, the geographic basis of the “East Coast Land Arts Festival” is the narrow strip of land mass situated between the coastal mountain range and the Pacific Ocean.  Extending southward from outside of Hualien City to Taitung City, it is home to the site of Paleolithic Changbin Culture (dated 5,000 to 50,000 years ago), the earliest evidence of human activity on the island of Taiwan. After thousands of years, ten groups of indigenous people native to the island, as well as the Han Chinese, and a sizable number of new immigrants from around the world have settled here, with a total population reaching just over 50,000. With the presence of so many ethnic groups scattered around in such a long and narrow space where the mountains meet the ocean, the underlying diversity and fluid character bring forth unique symbiotic relationships, both inter-personally and between human and nature. Just like the intertidal zone, the exposed coastal area that belongs to both the land and the ocean where different realities overlap. It is home to a rich ecological diversity, mother to an abundant marine life culture, as well as a pantry from where local Amis people collect their daily food.

Therefore, this year’s theme, based on the core concept of Mother Island “Gatherings Boundary” will present the unique cultural and natural qualities of the East Coast through the creativity by artists’ residencies.

The collision between the Eurasia plate and the Philippine Sea Plate gave birth to the island of Taiwan. Such a ferocious process began around six million years ago and is continuing on into the present. Under the continental plate, the oceanic plate was uplifted by orogenic movements to form the coastal mountain range of the East Coast. The forefront of the Philippines Sea Plate continually pushes against the central mountain range of the Eurasia Plate, and the East Rift Valley located in the subduction zone on the convergent boundary of both plates still reenacts the island’s origin story beneath our feet.

Inspired by Taiwan’s geology, this year’s East Coast Land Arts Festival will look beyond the ocean and the coastline, leaving Highway 11 for villages, hiking trails, cultures and sceneries located closer to the coastal mountain ranch, exploring the unlimited creativity and possibilities revealed on the boundary where the fierce collision brought ocean and continent together into existence. It is about time to metaphorically integrate the infinitely creative artistic and cultural capacity of the East Coast and the East Rift Valley through a dialogue of various local mountainous and oceanic expressions.


Residency Guidelines

  1. In 2020 the artist residency will accept applications for two foreign artists and three local artists. In order to allow the artists enough time to acclimate to the local atmosphere of the East Coast and better prepare for their creative process, the selection of the 2020 resident artists will be completed in 2019. The awarded artists will be asked to fully engage, participating in relevant East Coast Land Arts activities in 2019 including a Moonlight Sea Concert, Open Studio, Artist Forum and more.
  2.  In order to promote a strong bond between the festival’s residency and its locality from both the natural and cultural aspects, artists who propose to collaborate with local communities are especially encouraged to apply.
  3. Life on the East Coast of Taiwan experience current issues such as climate change, depleting of fish resources, and the explosion of the ocean waste at full force. Artists are encouraged to observe relevant local issues and propose up-cycle creative ideas in response to the drastic environmental changes that are happening globally.
  4. The actual residency period is at minimum 30 Days and finishing before June 1, 2020.
  5. The total amount including artist’s wage and costs of tools, transportation (arranged by the artist) and materials is NT$ 300,000.


Event Organizers

  1. Official Planner: The East Coast National Scenic Area, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation
  2. Contracted Producer: Taitung Dawn Artist Village


Qualification and Application Submission 

Individuals or groups of all nationalities are welcome to apply. Artists who are familiar with the natural environment and cultural context of the East Coast and are good at using natural materials are particularly encouraged to apply.

(1) Content to submit with application:

  1. Application Form
  2. Artist bio and portfolio (including text and graphic illustration)
  3. Residency plan (including design concept, measurements, materials, constructional methods, and schedule. The design diagram must include a graphic of the art installation composed onto the site image and can be presented as 3D simulation, hand-drawing pictures, models, etc.)
  4. Budget Plan (including design fees, production, labor, materials, tools, transportation, food and accommodation costs with the maximum amount of NT$300,000 with taxes and insurances covered by the artists)
  5. Eight bound copies and one set of digital files of the documents listed above

(2) Submission:

  1. Applications are accepted by special delivery or registered postal mail. Deadline is 5 pm, June 30, 2019; late submission will not be accepted (based on the postmark date when mail is received)
  2. Delivery address: Attention- Jian Miaoyi, East Coast National Scenic Area, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation

(Please note on the envelope- “Application for 2020 ECNSA Land Arts Festival- Artist Residency Application”

Address: No 25, Xincun Rd. Xinyi Village, Chenggong Township, Taitung County, 96144

Telephone: (089)841520#1308

(3) Go to ECNSA official website www.eastcoast-nsa.gov.tw or event page www.teclandart.tw to download the application form


The complete art installations setup locations: 1. Jingpu Village; 2. Changbin Changguang Village; 3. Xinshe Village; 4. Nanchu Lake Village; 5. Jiqi Village; 6. Baqi Park; 7. Fanshuliao Park; 8. Baxiandong Park; 9. Shiyusan Park; 10. Chenggong Beach Park; 11. Sanxiantai and surrounding areas that are under the jurisdiction of the ECNSA. The event organizer reserves the right to adjust the allowed artist creation space.


Judging Guidelines

  1. A team of experts and scholars and event organizers who are familiar with the East Coast’s arts and natural environment will come together to form the selection committee.
  2. Judging Criteria: artwork and environment integration 30%, artwork originality 30%, relevancy with the event theme 20%, viability 20%
  3. Result Announcement:Before July 20, 2019 (Depending on the actual judging situation)
  4. After the result announcement, sequential procedures such as contract signing and artist residency will be followed up immediately.


Artist’s Rights and Obligations

  1. The final execution and location of the installation is to be determined and confirmed by the artist, event planners, and organizers after completing the negotiation process
  2. For workcamps or installation sites located in the village, artists must cooperate with the event organizers and attend “Arts in the Village Explanatory Meetings” to communicate and collaborate with local villagers.
  3. Artists’ assistants who participate in the residency program are invited by the artists. All expenses generated by artists and others on food, accommodation, insurance, and tax are covered by themselves.
  4. The artists should arrange for their working tools. The event organizers will provide a covered structure as workspace onsite.
  5. The maximum budget for each project, including all the design and labor fees, cost of materials, transportation, accommodation, and food is NT $ 300,000.
  6. If the organizers determine that a plan cannot be completed due to an artists’ personal reason, or its outcome too different than was proposed, the artist residency will be disqualified, while all relevant compensations previously paid for the artwork and event are required to be returned to the organizers.
  7. The artists must cooperate with the organizers to attend related events such as “Artist Forum,” “Design Concept Promotion,” and “Festival Opening” as well as assisting in marketing campaigns.
  8. The invited artists should sign a contract of Artist Residency which contains three copies with the event organizers.
  9. The artist must cooperate with the event organizers and attend various promotional campaigns including a national press conference, film shoot, and opening event.
  10. The artist must carry out the plan previously confirmed with the organizers and should stay onsite at least 30 days out of the allotted 45 days of the work period.
  11. The organizers will discuss with the selected artists to choose two projects to co-host “East Coast Land Arts Volunteers Training Camp,” allowing students to participate during the work period. Details on ways to engage and timing will be decided by the organizers and artists together.
  12. From the awarded NT $ 300,000 the organizers can cover the artists’ cost of production during the working period. Local artists should arrange for their transportation and accommodation, while the organizers should arrange for international artists’ transportation, accommodation, and interpreter.
  13. Attribution of the Work: The creator has the right to authorship of the work. The complete work must be on display for over 180 days at its designated site. The ownership of the artwork belongs to the ECNSA. After the exhibition, ECNSA will determine to either retain, remove or relocate the artwork. The organizers reserve the rights to publish images of the artwork in research, photography, duplication, authorization, and development of a relevant product, publication, and promotional effort.
  14. The artists must be prepared for situations in the case of a typhoon strike during the working period for temporarily suspending work or a total evacuation. If the artwork is damaged due to irresistible natural disasters or vandalism during the exhibition period, the artist should take preventative measures or make remedy afterward.


 Contact Us

 Li Yunyi: email:aurora.lfox@gmail.com   phone:0912267915

Wu Shulun: email:wusulun@gmail.com    phone:0926314951


 Important Dates

  1. Application Deadline: 5 pm (sunday) June 30, 2019
  2. Result Announcement: Before July 20, 2019 (Depending on the actual judging situation)
  3. Artist Residence Forum: August 1 – September 30, 2019
  4. Artist Residence Period: April 1 – June 1, 2020
  5. Artwork Exhibition: Starts June 2020