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Amis artist, nicknamed Doudou, had moved to Taipei for a living for twelve years when she was eighteen. Relying on her exquisite aesthetical senses while using raw and natural materials as design elements, she has become a renowned window display designer for department stores. After meeting with other indigenous artists, she heeds her artist calling in 1996 and moved back to the East Coast to focus on the artist’s way of living. She and her friends lived together and helped each other start the “Consciousness Tribe” in 2002 and lived near Dulan since then. Starting from driftwood, she specializes in using various mixed media to explore the mysterious relationship between human spirituality and the divinity of nature. On her artist path over the past two decades, she has participated in many exchanges with international artists, and her works were on display in exhibition halls and galleries around the island. Ruby’s creative process is aiming for the final artwork and an interpretation of her self-made life. Not stick to a specific artform; she always embraces the unexplored territory and breath in the freshest air.


Title: Dancing Wind

Artist: Ruby Swana

Materials: Iron, Steel, Stained Glass

Dimensions: 600 CM Long, 200 CM Wide, 300 CM High

Location: Shiyusan (Stone Umbrella), Lawn at the Southern End



You have so many names

Typhoons, tornados, Northeast Monsoon, and breezes…

Although you are formless, on the clouds and waves, treetops, flowers, and plants

Sometimes you whisper softly with the flowers and trees,

Sometimes we see you perform the earth dance

You made the earth dance with your rhythm as the seeds flying and being scattered

into this vital and lavishing land

You always formlessly dance and flow between the sky and earth

What will you look like if you have forms?

Choose a place near the sea, where the sun rises with plenty of clouds

Imagine you are dancing between the sky and earth in your own style


Shiyusan (Stone Umbrella), Lawn at the Southern End Navigation