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Specialized in the design and production of costumes and hats for cloth palm puppets, she worked with renowned glove puppetry troupe “Yi Wan Ran” in documenting traditional puppet costumes, passing on the rare traditions in making cloth-bag puppet’s costumes. Since 1995 she has been fascinated by underwater photography because of scuba diving. The fascinating and mysterious marine life, their ever-changing colors, behavioral patterns, growth conditions, and the quiet, tranquil ambiance she experiences underwater have deeply influenced her. With a new spatial understanding, her view of a quiet space amidst a thick fog allows her to reconsider her relationship with nature. With all the high-rise buildings and traces of human life everywhere on the land, breathing is no longer noticeable, and sometimes it’s even taken for granted. “But when you dive into the ocean, you will only feel humbly small, contrasting to the vast and richness of nature, even every breath is so precious.”

She started knitting after moving to Hualien in 2010, weaving bamboo and rattan and creating another form of life. With her free soul and out-of-this-world temperament, she wanders between creating weaving arts, three-dimensional ceramic sculptures, installation arts, etc. Her works have shown brilliant and passionate creativity and vitality and represent the artist’s value and ultimate faith in the “freedom” of life.


Title: Mountains as Frozen Waves, Ocean as Fluid Light

Artist: Lin Shuling

Materials: Recyclable Polyester Strengthened Fiber, Steel Bar, Steel Cable, Round Mirror, White Pebbles

Dimensions: Ground Coverage 10 M*4M for Long and Wide, 2 M High


Her work, “Mountains as Frozen Waves, Ocean as Fluid Light”, is located at the most isolated and beautiful part in the Hualien Visitor Center’s garden. Shu-Ling believes that the fascinating thing about large-scale outdoor installations is that through the interaction between the artwork and space, the viewers are drawn physically “into” the artist’s creative consciousness. The East Coast Land Art Festival artworks are located on a long and narrow stretch of coastline, where the sea adjacents to the mountains, confronting with questioning waves day by day. In contrast, the mountains reaching into the ocean all the time. Not far from the shore is the deep Pacific Ocean, where the Kuroshio Current meanderingly stretches up north from the south. It seems to be a sign telling that the Austronesian people are destined to travel. Like tree seeds, they drift from the sea to land while building their dreams by the mountain and settle in with a view of the ocean.

When internal exploration is no longer satisfying, people start to look far away to prepare for the unknown.


A shot, an undeveloped negative film, of the land

Wave after wave

Separating  God from God

Crushing the shimmering waves

is the deepest turquoise blue

Repeatedly knocking towards the other side,

It is the sound before the birth of human

————————————- Shuntaro Tanikawa <The Sea>


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