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Hana Geliw, a fiber artist born and raised in Dulan Village, Taitung. She has been weaving and making embroidery fabric arts, and created some well-liked multi-medium works on the East Coast over the years. Her depiction of the coastal mountains meeting with the Pacific Ocean shows the unique essence of Taiwan’s East Coast. She has founded “Weavers of Dulan Flavor” studio, aiming to lead the local Amis women in Dulan Village to create fabric art pieces with traditional crochet and dyeing techniques while combining with various beautiful natural materials to reproduce the close relationship between village life and craftsmanship.


Work Title: I Am at the Moonlight Sea, and I am Brave

Location: Zhoqiao Recreation Area

Materials: Bamboo, Rebar, Cement Mosaic

“By your side, grasping how high the mountains are,

how deep the sea is, and how brave we are.

No one is an island, the sea and the mountains connect us.”

Dedicated to Mother Taiwan~

The structure and shapes of this piece are formed with rebar and covered by bamboo. Its curvy fluid lines are completely integrated into the majestic mountains and sea and the scenic beauty can be perceived from any angle. A lively collage of mosaic tiles on an irregularly formed circular white cement base has enhanced colorfulness and endurance. It focuses on providing visitors a moment to take a rest. People have always been a part of nature. Let us feel our Mother’s embrace, and knowing that no one is an island existing alone, and we are all connected by the great mountains and seas.