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Originally from Gangkou Village, Hualien, Sapud Kacaw has been on the creative path for over a decade, starting with driftwood sculptures and crossing over to large-scale installation arts with multi-media. The style of his works presents the linear fluidity of ocean waves, while the solid structure and delicate texture embody a deep affection for the land; transforming the nourishment from his mother culture into contemporary symbols. Launched from the East Coast Land Arts Festival, Sapud has been participating in art festivals at various locations for consecutive years. As one of the most active contemporary artists on the East Coast, his incessant flow in creativity and artistic practice brings forth spectacular large-scale landscape installations every year.


Work Title: Appreciate Her, Love and Care for Her Too

Location: Shitiping

Materials: Rebar, Cement, Soil, Sting

This work is inspired by the seaweed of Shitiping. Seaweed is the foundation of marine ecology. It provides basic food and a place for marine organisms to inhabit, mate, and lay eggs. Algae are an important indicator of marine ecological changes. Various organisms in the intertidal zone depend on algae, representing the beauty of coastal biodiversity. When we can still see these beautiful scenes, we should cherish what we have in front of us. Appreciate her, love and care for her, get close to her, but do not hurt her. Let’s leave a beautiful marine ecological environment to the next generation.