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Licensed designer, Weiting Wu, is a young artist who explores “free form style” and “digital manufacturing design method” that suits him, emphasizing detailed and subtle fine-tuning and structural techniques in digital computing. Over the past several years he has transformed from furniture and interior design to larger-scaled outdoor installation. Since then, he has fallen in love with the vision of freedom found in the interaction between humans and environments, while becoming more and more challenging, as well as creating more and more possibilities and ideas.


Work Title: Hope, Poetry, Travelers

Materials: Bamboo, Rattan, Wood

Location: Shiyusan Recreation Area

To appreciate Hualien and Taitung areas through beautiful scenery, we, as human beings, have found ourselves rather small in the face of the ocean, valleys, and plains. Hence, this budding flower was created to lead the “small” people on a walk into the artwork. Look up and see the beauty through swaying bamboo branches intersecting the sky, and feel the connection between people and the world. The artist symbolizes concepts of infinite hope and vitality through the blossoming flowers.

Travelers are welcome to follow the artist to feel the initial heartfelt encounter of life, and then send words of their feelings or insights to the artist as feedback.