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Pasulange Drulua is Rukai from the Haocha Village in Wutai Township, Pingtung County.  After moving to Taitung in 2009, he began to create works with driftwood and natural materials. He established his own brand “MACA” in 2014, producing driftwood furniture and artworks, as well as large-scale outdoor art installations. He was awarded and recognized in 2014 with the “Pulima Art Award” and “the 2018 Taiwan Biennial of Fine Arts”. He uses metal wires to wrap around driftwood and create his unique creative vocabulary, hoping that he can continue to practice and express his thoughts and imagination about life through his hands.


Artwork: Silent Memory

Location: Chicaoqiao Recreation Area

Materials: Bamboo, Steel, Aluminum Wire

As time goes on silently, what is fading away little by little yet still unbeknownst to us? The main imagery of this work is based on a four-leaf clover. The space is set up for playfully seeking the rare four-leaf clover, representing fun childhood memories with nice ambience in beautiful environment. Meanwhile. travelers can rest on the three-leaf clover shaped metal chairs surround the main structure, which is a four-leaf clover shaped bamboo house, to quietly receive messages passed down from the infinite ocean, sky and this island under our feet.