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Daisaku Ueno

Daisaku was born in 1970 in Spporo, Hokkaido. After he graduated from Tomakomai University of Technology with a degree in mechanical engineering he worked as a designer for a metal souvenir production company. He left the company in 2003 and founded his own studio and wood-burning (cave) kiln in the forest of Kitahiroshima. In addition to pottery, he started to create artworks with natural materials such as wood and bamboo in 2007. For his outdoor exhibition of sculpture installation, he created large pieces with local clay and then fired them onsite in a kiln. He also used materials found around the exhibition site to create installations. He also teaches at various elementary schools and vocational art schools.


Fifth Stage 

Baxin Cave Recreational Area

Clay, soil, sand, stone, slaked lime, bamboo, palm, rope


Overall Installation Dimention Range 23,50x100x150cm

A long time ago, there were human beings inhabited in the Baxian Cave. The artist uses an ancient Japanese building technique for building “Earthy Room” and “Earthy Walls” to create artwork while reminiscing about people’s lives in ancient times. Since the beginning of time, human beings were such a fleeting presence. However, in this extremely short period of time, humans have created huge and profound changes on this planet where everything symbiotically lives. On this ancient land, five earthy platforms have been raised, symbolizing the integration of the five dimensions of human perception of space. The first dimension is a line, the second dimension is a surface, the third dimension forms a three-dimensional and the fourth dimension includes the concept of time, and the next is the fifth-dimensional space. For example, the invention of the airplane and the internet has shortened our perception of space and time. What is the fifth dimension that we were trying to control? This question has been planted here by the artist at the site where the earliest human activity was found in Taiwan.


八仙洞 導航至作品地點