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Charmaine, aka Feiyu (Flying Fish)


Charmaine, aka Feiyu (Flying Fish)

Daoist artist Charmaine, aka Feiyu (Flying Fish), was born in 1970 in Dongqing Village, Orchard Island. While he studied at the Fu-Hsin Trade & Arts School, the Taiwan Indigenous peoples’ social movement was going through its most heated and turbulent period, and thus he began to make paintings to express his thoughts on the situation of the Indigenous people, for example, issues regarding the rectification of the name of Dao people and the nuclear waste in Orchard Island. Over twenty years ago, he settled down in Dulan area on the east coast of the big island (Taiwan), and besides oil paintings, he also makes driftwood installations, exploring the relationship between life and the ocean. Since the moment he becomes aware of his Dao identity, he always embodies “How to return to the life of a true Dao,” and indeed artistic creation is a part of a Dao’s life.


Big Tail and Tatala’s Thousand Year Appointment

East Coast Tourist Center in Duli

Steel Bars


The inspiration for this work is the large whales that visit every spring at sea in front of his home in the village. Dao people believe that if the whales show up during the flying fish harvest season, many flying fish will follow. Therefore, the whale is a symbol of good luck and abundant harvest. This piece is presented with the whale’s tail and the Dao people’s fishing boat, attempting from the children’s perspective fully in awe, uttering “Wow, that a big tale!”


Song of Tatala

When the warm current of Kuroshio flows our way following the divine order

Warm up our ancestral sea of the past generations

I am waiting on the beach ready to go

Sail raised in the wind, my journey started

Follow where MINAMORONG shines at

Sail to the promised bay AMOMOBO, year after year, keeping up with this thousand-year-old appointment.


Song of Whales

I have been appointed by the divine order

to lead schools of flying fish


I come by year after year

to the bay where fish evoking songs can be heard

fulfilling this thousand-year-old appointment.


註: * TATALA( Dao Fish Boat 達悟族漁舟)。

* AMOMOBO(達悟語:鯨魚Dao word for Whale)。

* MINAMORONG(南十字星Southern Cross)。

* MINAMAHABTENG(北極星North Star)。


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