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Born in Valencia, Spain, Jordi NN (1985) graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Polytechnic University of Valencia in 2011. More than twenty years ago, he started traveling with an urge to explore and experiment with the world. After participating in his first international exhibition in Amsterdam in 2010, he has since become a nomadic art wanderer who gets around on one-way tickets, participating in international art-making projects in many countries in Europe, Asia, and America. Today, he is known for producing large-scale installation art that is related to nature and the passage of time. As an artist of the Anthropocene era, his land art created for a specific site sought the balance between man, nature, and the world. Each of his works is rooted in his experiences, social standing, and environment, creating a connection between art and the natural world.


Levitating Waves

Xioma Village

Metal and Bamboo

H 500* W 200* D 500 cm

This site-specific installation is an earthy art sculpture made of bamboo that embodies the duality of the ocean, the resilience of the human spirit, and the deep connection between the locals and their coastal environment. The wave-like structure suspended in the air evokes a sense of floating, lightness, and calmness. It invites the audience to reflect on the challenges from the ups and downs of our lives. It symbolizes the invincible courage to embrace the “Fifth Wave while emphasizing the harmonious relationship between us, our lives, and nature. It becomes a meditative space that celebrates unity, resilience, and the profound wisdom that is embedded in the natural rhythms of the ocean.


小馬部落 導航至作品地點