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Arya Pandjalu


Catch the wind, Catch the Rain  (Micapet ko fali, Micapet ko orad)

Materials: Bamboo, Metal, Rocks

Bamboo is chosen as the main medium in this work. Besides echoing with the characteristics, the name of a place and its surroundings, materials frequently used in local daily life are transformed into interesting spatial installations that call forth villagers’ acknowledgment to co-create. There are many neat yet unused spaces in Nanchuhu Village that have become a reference for guided cultural tourist activities in the village. The artist installed wind-powered devices such as flying fish, birds, and crabs on bamboo, scattering them around the village, guiding the visitors through the beautiful Nanchuhu Village, accompanied with songs by the wind-powered devices.

Another work in this series, inspired by the traditional Amis fishing traps, allows the villagers to plant flowers and vegetables in the bamboo baskets on the structure. Each house in Nanchuhu has a lush garden with abundant greenery of various edible and visually pleasing plants. In addition to the protein gathered in the ocean, the Amis have also developed a rich food culture of wild vegetables and fruits. The artist used this work by combining imagery of fisheries and agriculture, while a plant sprout breaking the ground soil is shown to praise the regenerating and sustainable life force that local dwellers embody.