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Received his Master of Arts in Ceramics at Graduate Institute of Applied Arts, the National Institute of the Arts, he is a full-time artist and a lecturer at the Tainan University of Applied Sciences. Chang’s pottery works are full of earthy childlike fun, and come with its humble humor and unique creativity. As a highly-regarded earthy artist, he has extensive experience in international exhibitions, and also frequently participates in residential workshops in various art festivals.


Between Islands

Materials: Wood, Metal, Ceramic, Clay

We often forget that Taiwan is an island surrounded by ocean. Our island ancestors had embarked on journeys sailing away, migrating for thousands of years spreading the seeds of oceanic culture all around into the Pan Pacific Oceania Community. Last hundreds of years, colonists crossed the sea and brought their cultures with them to this region, yet it is the fluidity, elasticity, and protection of the sea that made Taiwan into such a culturally diversified and symbiotic island. Even after drifting for thousands of years, upon meeting, the similarity in languages and habitual usages brings forth a sense of affinity. From a bird’s eye view, the islands are seemingly set apart by the sea, but from a fish’s eye view, islands are tightly connected.


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