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黃志偉 Huang Chih Wei


From Donggang, Pingtung, he graduated from Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Visuels de la Cambre, Belgium, specializing in oil painting and sculpture. He is currently the director and associate professor in the Department of Visual Communication and Design, Kun Shan University. He is active as an artist, art critic, and curator in the contemporary art scene in Taiwan.


Waiting to Drift

Materials: Driftwood, Reinforced Concrete Base

The driftwood has stopped drifting, sitting and waiting for a millennium as the natural, cultural and marine migration cycles continue, the northward and southward drifters are crossing path here, waiting for the next drift…

The shape of the outer frame of “Waiting to Drift” retains the original woody texture and appearance. Its composition symbolizes the ocean current, traffic, and visitors’ flows. Its interior design is constructed by geometric lines goes vertically and horizontally, creating a meeting point for different textures of nature and artificial, inner and outer, to come across one another. Even though the driftwood has stopped drifting, the essence of its existence serves as the most loyal witness to the changes of the land. Right here at this moment of meeting, “Waiting to Drift,” let us gaze our path into the future.


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