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Chou, Hsueh-Han


Chou, Hsueh-Han

Born in 1991, as a native of Chiayi, he currently lives in Wanhua Taipei. He creates sculptures and installations with various elements, including wasted materials primarily, through connecting different forms, materials, and objects in the society to further discuss the relationships between them. He is into collecting and upcycling used/discarded/leftover materials and can make sense or recall something from the neglected or forgotten pieces.


  • Work Title: “Soga Monster”


  • Material: black iron, marine recycle waste
  • Dimensions: 8m (L) x 6m (W) x 1.5m (H)
  • Creative Discourse:
    When I was a child living in western Taiwan, I could see fish in the ditch during the day and fireflies in the grass by the trail at night. In recent years, various creative forms and fields have ㄔㄐtried to articulate the impact of the development of civilization on the environment besides the technological and political attempts as solutions to environmental problems. I especially like that many disaster movies have their story embedded in ecological catastrophes, where our environment is striking like monsters, and often appear in the sea before landing. Their appearance is not entirely destructive, but rather, a sign of warning. Often, they appear, attempting to restore balance. This moment of transition, crossing the boundary from sea to land, is what I want to present with my creative approach. The two reasons for choosing the title “Soga” are, first, in Taiwanese, it means plastic, which threatens the environment, then そうか(原來如此) is “I see” (Japanese) the material and meaning carried by the monster can bring forth sudden realization.


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