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The artist from Australia not only designs giant puppets, but also produces and directs them into performance. He has been participating in numerous creative projects on giant puppets since 1998, first as an artist assistant, then as a project leader and producer of some large scale shows. As an international renown giant puppet artist, he encourages in-depth and widespread community participation.


The Elders of Katumayan
Materials: Composite Media 

These giant puppets Memetica created were born in the beautiful Katumayan, where black bears used to inhabit. These mild giants do not belong to any cultures; they are parts of nature. With mysterious origin myth and the passing of time, they left the valley to participate in the celebratory ceremony of the Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival, while joining the traditional village life and other community activities. During the artist’s residence period, interested volunteers were recruited to sew and dye fabric, acquiring basic engineering and bamboo architecture knowledge, as well as other art forms and creative methods to co-create giant puppets.

Audio Guidance

Audio Guidance


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