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The artist herself is Rukai from Haocha, Pingtung, but she has been living in Dulan, Taitung for the last 20 years. She specializes in sculpture with composite media and environmental installations, especially the clashing yet tightly-knitted dialects among different media. Her creativity and originality are as powerful as the churning Pacific Ocean, and that made her an internationally recognized female indigenous artist of Taiwan. Her work “Wind Cradle” located in Jialulan Park was featured in the 2016 East Coast Land Arts Festival.


Put the Sea Over There
Materials: Steel Metal, Bamboo, Wood

He only sees the sea
When the eyes of the sky
Glowing with golden and orange light beams in full translucent
His eyes are filled with the sea
Quietly he gazes as the waves are still breathing

The Pacific breezes
Gently stroked his sun-kissed skin
He heard the message of the sea

In the bottom of the blue sea
Arrows return like hearts longing for home
Gigantic fish body intertwined with bamboo raft and fishing net
Join together
Body and soul
You don’t need to be a fish
Quietly feel how it is like
To be the sea placed over there
Breathing the sea that is still breathing

Through the eyes of the oceanic ethnic
Their bodies and breaths
Can sense the emotion of the sea, the tides, day and night
As well as the change of seasons, and how a group of people
Developed their culture surrounding the sea


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