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眼蟲計畫 Euglena Program of Art


The team was named “Euglena” for it represents the original life, and from there comes various interesting life forms. Both artists are Taiwanese, and improvisation is their common tone. Without any preparation, the entire process is maintained with a free and open attitude. Their trust and appreciation go mutually to the images the other has evolved.

The creative art applied here is similar to a form of language. New images are possible to derive from any previous ones. The dialect between the artists is a creative process, and images are the language they use to communicate. Collages of words and phrases come together as a poem and a story, just like the symbiotically complementary relationships in nature. Just like life grows in nature, the images are either procreating and flourishing or dimming and disappearing.


Gaze from 5390 AD

Materials: Steel Sheet, UV Resistant PU Paint by Hand

Taiwan, the largest island on the Tropic of Cancer, also known as the Summer Solstice Island. We were taught from a young age that the Tropic of Cancer is situated at 23.5 degrees north latitude. However, in fact, due to the interaction of the earth’s orbit and the Sun’s rotation, the Tropic of Cancer has been moving southward 14.4 meters every year. After reaching the southmost, it turns northward, and one cycle of north and south movement covers a distance of 180 kilometers and lasts 37,158 years. We calculated accordingly and found out that the Tropic of Cancer will reach Duli, Taitung in 5,390 AD. Right now, we cannot perceive how it will be like when the Tropic of Cancer arrives Taitung 3,000 years later. Also because of this, we can cultivate our imagination beyond space and time. Artist’s intent to focus from the perspective of how we take care of the land. After 3000 years of waiting, will our relationship with the earth improve? After thousands of years of washing away, how many more natural changes would have occurred? Thus, we adopted the Taiwan Black Bears and Red-capped Green Pigeon from the mountains and forests to guide our imagination since both endangered species are endemic to Taiwan. Besides echoing with the original name of Duli where East Coast National Scenic Area in Amis, Gadoumayang, meaning Black Bear Habitat, it is hoped that they can maintain strong vitality and continue to survive on this land, as the best proof of the human awareness of our self and ecology.


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