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Euroba (Mountain and Field Design)

Euroba was born in Nepal, within a Tibetan district, and he was named Nogdup in Tibetan. Later, when he was about six years old, he moved to Taiwan for education and changed his name to Euroba. In 2007, in search of self, Euroba took a bicycle trip starting from Berlin, passing Holland, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Greek,Turkey, Iran, China, Korea and finally, back to Taiwan. It took him 445 days to accomplish the entire journey. In Taiwan, Euroba has worked on several architectural projects and collaborated with artist YinRu Chien for art exhibition planning. Currently, Euroba lives and works in Suao, in a space that he has designed and renovated.



Artwork:Bath within mother earth Awareness of naked mind

Material steel, iron net, elastic cord, recycled trees from local

AMr. Yarmada says: Lay down your camera first, please.Feel all the colors, sounds, sunrise, moon light,stars shining surround you,I invite you to lie down in the color dreamcatchers. Free from all the worries, return to zero, being one with all creations, close your eyes, listen the waves, poems from wind-tree, breathe deeply, undress your mind, draw your profound dreams slowly.


Artwork:Bath within ambience experience of Flow

Material:steel, iron net, elastic cord, local stones

Mr. Yarmada says: let’s gather together within a circular, being with stones, green grass, sky and clouds.
Sit gazing at stars, moon and sea wave, listen the songbird, being alone or stay with others, being in the nature, liberate your imagination, whirl into the center of Flow.