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Li, Kui Zhi &Lua Rivira


 Li, Kui Zhi

Born in Yunlin, Taiwan in 1979, Li is mainly focusing on earth art (site-specific art). He goes into nature and learns from nature. He establishes connection and communication with natural elements through his relationship with them, physical labor, and his view on an organic world, to understand the inner soul and consciousness while interpreting the philosophy of nature.

Living in Taiwan and creating artworks around the world, Li used the most potent metaphor in Oriental philosophy, water, as a catalyst for thought, sculpturing the flow of time admits nature while exchanging with one another and surroundings symbiotically. His natural sculptures connect the tangible world to the invisible universe between movement and stillness through the inner and outer statement of mind while exploring the relationships between humans, nature, and our environment, and “To sculpture the time is to sculpture oneself.”


Lua Rivera

Lua Rivera graduated from the School of Visual Arts at the Autonomous University of Morelos, Mexico in 2013 and received her Master’s degree in2013. As a student, Lua has tried different interdisciplinary approaches and techniques while gaining experiences in exhibiting. Her work often contains a blend of contemporary folk narratives with ancient myths and legends that have been passed down.


  • Title: Transformation
  • Material: slub rebar, driftwood, bamboo, marine waste, cloth rope
  • Dimensions: 30m (L) x 16m (W) x 4m (H)
  • Creative Concept:
    Climate change is closely related to the increase of greenhouse gasses, which have directly and indirectly reflected in human life and the natural environment, and such signs have intensified in recent years, like the melting of Greenland icebergs, mass coral bleaching, and forest fire. Global warming has increased the temperature at the sea surface, causing the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to rise, affecting the natural structure of the Earth’s atmosphere. Our ecology, ocean current, and hydrological cycle have also changed accordingly; the phenomenon of seawater intrusion has accelerated as the power of typhoons enhanced. Typhoons, a common natural phenomenon and weather condition in Taiwan, it’s the Earth regulating its climate. Thus, the imagery of this work is mainly based on typhoons and was titled “Transformation.” This environmental sculpture is made of natural materials and other objects left in the ocean by humans at the end of its economic cycle. On the land bordering the mountains and the sea, bamboo and driftwood are brought together to represent the two elements of mountain and ocean. It is a space for human contemplation of nature, expressing the fluid state of nature while creating a habitat with the form of typhoons.This work echoes the theme of “Boundary Convergence” of the 2020 East Coast Land Arts Festival, responding to the diverse and fluid nature and culture of Taiwan’s East Coast, pointing out the current conditions of our immediate environment and emphasizing the importance of environmental sustainability and balance.


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