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Lin Zhiqiang/Shaboer. Lagao


Lin Zhiqiang /Shaboer. Lagao


Dance with King Kong

Materials: Steel Sheet, Electroplated Baking Varnish

The artist of this piece is a local Amis from Changguang Village who learned welding with fellow young villagers twenty years ago when they left home for construction work in the Formosa Plastic Corporation’s Sixth Naphtha Cracker Factory in Mailiao, Yunlin. After years of ups and downs, struggling for a livelihood, they returned to their village separately, one after another, and started taking over the social responsibilities of middle-aged Amis men. Thus, the artist chose to invite these fellow villagers who had grown up, faced the strange world, and returned to the village together to engage in the artistic creation of welding metal. The shape of the main structure and its vibrant blue color are inspired by Amis men’s traditional attire, worn for ceremonial dance in the annual harvest festival. The supportive yellow decorative belt then transforms the work into a dancing butterfly, erected in the terraced rice field among the magnificent mountains and ocean in Changguang, paying homage to the holy King Kong mountain that has protected Changguang Village for thousands of years.