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Christina “Ling” Quisumbing Ramilo


Christina “Ling” Quisumbing Ramilo



MATA / Eye of Life

Materials: Bricks, Cement, Sand, Gravel, Rocks From Taitung Coastline

“MATA” means “eyes” in various indigenous groups in Taiwan, in Filipino, and the entire Austronesian language family of the Pacific region. Besides having the shape of the eye of a typhoon, naming of the artwork indicates life connections within the Pacific cultural community. When a typhoon approaches the Philippines, it usually next heads to Taiwan, creating a common life experience shared by both island civilizations. Typhoons symbolize the mighty natural force that is both destructive and cleansing, blessing every surviving life form with its regenerating procreating energy. The artist also observed that women play a very important role in Amis culture, therefore an outward spiral, the imagery of typhoon and conch was chosen to symbolize women’s life-giving force and creativity, and as a salute to all the women living a tough life in such great a natural force. Meanwhile, the artist also welcomes viewers to place their wishing rocks into the artwork, making a wonderful wish on this gorgeous Amis land.