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Lingling&Huang Jin Cheng


 Pakavulay -Lin Lin、Huang Jin Cheng


Brave man / Lafifihay malalokay a talafa’inayan

Materials: Rattan, Bamboo, Metal Tube

Two hoops, shaped in the infinity sign, are spinning and connected together, symbolizing the endless crushing waves at the Xiuguluan Creek Estuary, where the river meets the sea, and its diverse and rich marine ecology; the small rattan circular pieces resemble the tiny fish swimming in the waves; the corn-shaped bamboo structure symbolizes the traditional sea-voyaging raft. This work praises centuries of fishing culture of Jingpu and along its extensive coastline, especially to dangerous operation to catch the fish with triangular fishing nets that is done every dawn and late at night. The fisherman must anchor the heavy triangular net into the sandy seabed underwater, withholding the impact of the powerful crushing and pulling force of each wave on their bodies, in order to bring home a full load of sea catch all safe and sound.