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Born in1961 Tainan City, he is now a full-time professor in the Fine Arts Department of the Tainan University of Applied Science. Lin Hon Wen is not only one of the most important contemporary artists in Taiwan, but also an influential curator and a pioneer of Taiwan’s environmental art exhibitions and creativity. He travels around the world as an exhibition curator, event organizer, and residential artist. Stemmed from the love of his hometown Tainan, he has deeply rooted in his humanitarian, philosophical and cultural heritage, and his awareness further extends to the social and ecological surroundings. Lin’s environmental artworks are simple, and can always be easily integrated with the natural landscape, as they quietly and meticulously nurturing the world.


Time’s Murmur

Materials: Plating Angle Iron, Wood, Bamboo

Located at the river mouth of Shuimuding Creek, the old Zhangyuan bridge built during Japanese Occupation in 1937 is now standing side by side with the middle bridge built in the 80s, and the new bridge built in the 90s due to the broadening of Highway 11. It is the only site in Taiwan that offers the juxtaposition of bridges across three generations. Standing here, one observes how time flows like the river under the bridges, into the ocean, the sky, the clouds, and then to the mountain and forest. As enticing as it gets, its silky traces bring forth so many possibilities! The artist sensed the fading away of the impactful history of human drama into flowing river and mountain breezes, as time ruthlessly encapsulates all the memories into a laughing stock of the whole geographic existence. The artist just transformed the message left by the passing time into forms that are more compatible with the environment, allowing the colors of artwork to change with the seasons, and as the time goes by, the artwork eases into harmonious coexistence with its surrounding nature.


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