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菅野麻依子 Maiko Sugano


Graduated from the Departments of Music and Fine Arts in Tokyo in 1997, she won the 6th Palco City Art Prize, Tokyo the same year. She then worked as a designer while traveling around the world. In 2014, she got her doctoral degree in Fine Arts from the Department of Fine Arts of the University of Tokyo.

Her work emphasizes the close intimacy between her hands-on practice and the materials. She is determined, insisting on working with her hands. Now, she continually creates artworks in Japan, engaging in teaching and international exchange programs. Her 2016 landscapes artwork “Sea Turtle” for the Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival was highly-recognized by the general public and art scene.


Maiko Sugano



Maiko Sugano, the artist who created “Turtle” a highly recognized work for the 2016 East Coast Land Arts Festival to pay tribute to mother ocean, is working mainly on Lauan wood again this time. Inspired by the jade piece that was unearthed from the Beinan Cultural site on the East Coast of Taiwan, her work took shape metaphorically from the high central mountain ridges created by the movement of the continental plates. Moreover, the images of flying birds and crawling snails are also included in her work. The soul of the creator has made the sky, earth, and ocean, and is continuously flowing out from a hole in the center of this circular piece of art that symbolically represents the natural life cycle.

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Maiko Sugano