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Liu Meiyi


Memory Puzzle

Materials: Colored Soil, Pottery, Cement

With Amis roots, the artist left home and grew up in the city. Although the East Coast hometown merely dwells in a fleeting memory of family reunions over the three major holidays every year, due to the upper generation’s livelihood as migrant workers, but even as living on the outskirts of Taipei City, the Amis people still must gather by the sea whenever there are holidays. Men dive to catch fish as women forage in the intertidal zone, and then they prepare food into delicious dishes to share with family and friends on site and sing folk songs of their hometown. The memory of “East Coast” and “home” is made of these intertidal zone creatures found in the small openings in the reef, and transformed into colorful and tasteful delicacies during family reunions. These “yummy” colors and tastes are just like pieces of a puzzle, putting together a life and cultural memory of a contemporary Amis girl.