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喬治‧努庫 George Nuku


He was born in 1964 and now lives in Rouen, France, as a mix-blood of Germany, Scotland, and Maori decedents. As a child, he was influenced by his mother’s Maori culture, he then entered Massey University, studying arts, geography, and sociology. His great works in visual creativity and performing arts, painting and mix media, especially the “Bottled Ocean” series, his residential project most favored by international art scenes in the recent years. The artwork made from recycled plastic and polyesters, is covered with Maori symbols representing wonders of the sea, and profoundly inspire viewers to ponder upon the environmental issues the world is facing now.


“Bottled-Ocean 2118”

Materials: Recycled Plastic, Acrylic 

“Bottled-Ocean 2118” used the oceanic wastes that had drifted all around the globe as a medium to juxtapose the ancient Austronesian symbols and contemporary universal experiences, creating a modern fable and prophecy. In a ritualistic and artificial scene deep under the sea, the marine life and temple made of plastic wastes depicted an uninhabitable world human single-handedly created in the future. The artist has diligently collected plastic waste from local recycle centers, bringing students of all ages from various schools on the East Coasts of Taiwan together to produce the contemporary visual vocabulary with the excrements of civilization. As he interpreted the fluidity and elasticity of the oceanic culture, he also offered severe warnings on the modern conditions of how drastically disrespectful humans are when dealing with issues related to the land and ocean.

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