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Born in Taoyuan Longtan, she has been living in Chihpen, Taitung for 20 years. After graduated from the Department of Applied Arts of Fu Jen Catholic University, she became a graphic designer, and a full-time artist in painting, mixed media, mosaic tiles, and landscape. She is very sensitive to her environment and culture, and also one of the most active artists in the East Coast of Taiwan. Her works are rich in expressions and delicate beauty.


Bloom Under The Sun

Materials: Driftwood, Red Bricks, Tile Mosaic, Steel Rebar

Jialulan, an empty seaside prairie overlooking the magnificent scenery of the distant coastal mountains descending into Dulan Bay. Because the stream north of it is rich in minerals, according to local Amis, washing hair in the stream will keep one’s hair silky black, so it was named “Black Hair Creek, Kararuan” in Amis (literally meaning hair washing spot) which later became “Jialulan.” Down at the southmost entrance of the East Coast Corridor, the scenery is extremely beautiful; however, the strong wind makes it difficult for vegetation to thrive. The summer is often scorchingly without any shades, so the artist has specially designed this work to bloom under the sun, accompanying travelers to breathe the fragrance of the land as well as to be nurtured by all the weather elements the four seasons have to offer.


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