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Swimming Upward

Materials: While Cement, Pottery, Steel Bar, Stones and Polished Glass Pieces

In this work shaped like the meandering Mawuku Creek watershed from a bird’s eye view, and the beautiful unique white boulders found scattering all around, the artist created a visually pleasing work that echoes with the landscape for visitors to rest and refresh. Pottery, glass, and tile pieces polished by the ocean, along with pebbles, broken fishing net and more, all of which can be found in the wilderness along the East Coast are used to decorate the surface, symbolizing a river flowing through eons that gave birth to a rich and solid living culture and historic memory. Donghe Old Bridge is an historic bridge that has been erected for nearly a century, its function in transportation has been replaced by the new bridge, but thanks to the local residents’ active request, it has been preserved and transformed into a recreational scenic foot path. When travelers sit on it and experience the view of Mawuku Creek and the unique historic ambiance of Donghe Bridge, the river underneath flows with the cultural and historic traces it nourished, and silently carries and accumulates them into the contemporary life.