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Yui Inoue, Japanese artist specializes in fiber art, currently resides in Takashima City by Lake Biwa. She has always been fascinated by the mysterious relationship between humans and nature. She enjoys traveling, through experiencing different environmental and cultural texture, she transforms her insight into delicate work. In recent years, she has been involved in numerous residency programs creating arts and organizing exhibitions in Awajima, Yokohama Port, Takashima Lake Biwa, Seto Inland Sea, and Echigo Tsumagoi. She was also involved in the Slow Label Project, weaving with locals at a slow pace to create gigantic artwork in places like seaport, factory, and marketplace.


  • Title: “始まりの物語/Cosmic wonder”
  • Materials: Reinforced steel, white cotton fiber
  • Dimensions: 2.5m (L) x 300m (W) x 2.5m (H)
  • Creative Discourse:
    Sometimes, we find mythology absurd and fabricated, and seems far from real life. However, human has desired to understand the myth of the real world, such as human’s place amidst the universe, the natural orders, and the meaning of life, are the most important pursuit for human’s existence in this world. I am overwhelmed by the powerful energy of nature, yet the indigenous people’s myth and ethos still exist under the volatile weather and robust environment of the East Coast. The culture and life of Taiwan’s indigenous people are still filled with mythical majestic strength. Hence, I want to create a space to connect the myth and “here and now”. I created a tiny space resembling the universe, just like an egg in Genesis mythology that tells the origin story of this world/humanity. Various mythological scenes and motifs of Taiwan Indigenous people are interwoven on the surface. We can enter the artwork of the transparent mythical themes on the surface, and see the actual landscape outside of the artwork. The myths and the real world are overlapping right in front of us. As the myths being recited and perpetuated through word-of-mouth, it gradually changes in space and time. Even with the same theme, the content very slightly, and causing various changes in topics, storylines, and actors. Thus, I intend to let the audience to spread different kinds of myths through the story’s intertwined spaces, themes, and scenes.


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