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都歷遊客中心Duli Visitor Center


Facing the sea on a plateau, the view here at this sweet spot is open and beautiful. It was called Katomayan by the Amis people near Duli, meaning black bear territory. Today, it is the Moon Light Sea Stage of the East Coast Land Arts Festival. As the full moon rises above the ocean, the awe-inspiring magic and divine wonders start to shine.

The center is located right next to Duli Village, where a rich and beautiful Amis culture is well-kept. Torik is Amis, means to tie and secure things or to weave. And the Duli villagers have been living up to its namesake, mastering in weaving, especially with the leaves of shell flowers and its creative applications, as well as facilitating a community project to offer Eco-cultural guided tours with diverse and exciting programs.

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