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加路蘭遊憩區Jialulan Park


Jialulan Park, located at 157.7 KM on Highway 11, is a stretch of empty seaside prairie to the north of the well-known Xiaoyeliu Scenic Area. A majestic panoramic view of Dulan Mountains and Dulan Bay is visible at a distance. Jialulan is a famous Amis Village in Taitung City.

It’s named Kararuan, means a place to wash hair. Due to the mineral-rich river water found in the area, the Amis like to wash their hair and hence the name. Today, Jialulan has become an ideal tourist destination on the bikes, and its bike trail has been highly recommended by the international travel magazine “Lonely Planet.” Without any light pollution, it is a perfect location for star and moon gazing with the sounds of ocean waves.

Under the management of East Coast Scenic Area over the past years, Jialulan Park is the first driftwood theme park in the East Coast. Besides its natural beauty of the ocean meeting mountains, one can find some wonderful artworks from past participants of the Land Arts Festival also presented here.

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157.7 KM on Highway 11


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