Welcome To Taiwan East Coast

“Intertidal Symbiosis” Video Contest Guidelines


Covering Hualien and Taitung Counties with about 168 kilometers of coastline in length, the Eastern Coast of Taiwan leans against the coastal mountain range and faces the Pacific Ocean. Various ethnic groups scattered about and inhabited this narrow strip of land where the mountains and ocean meet, gaving birth to a unique symbiotic relationship, and cultivating a rich marine culture.

In order to present the various aspects of the “East Coast Land Arts Festival,” we are inviting the general public to create videos to narrate the symbiotic culture and life aesthetics of the inter-tidal zone. All the selected footage will have the opportunity to be integrated with future Land Arts Festival’s promotional campaigns, which will also completely present various landscapes, ecological conditions and cultural gems of Taiwan’s East Coast.

Main Organizer

Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communication, East Coast National Scenic Area Headquarters

Hengchang Industrial Co. Ltd., (FUJIFILM Taiwan Distributor), Taitung Dawn Artist Village, Moon Light Inn and Gallery

Nanzhuhu Resort, MATA Taiwan Indigenous Cultural Resort, Jinling Whale-Watching Boat, Yiren Bay Guesthouse, Wild Rabbit 970 Cafe, Moon Lit Sea Cafe. 

Contest Theme

Can use one or both themes

(1) With the East Coast of Taiwan as the main location, make a film under the main theme of “Intertidal Symbiosis”

(2) Live scene interactions that take place at the Moon Lit Sea Concerts (see attached schedule), along with the entire ambiance and the view of the moon-rising from the ocean.

Submission Period

Deadline: 24:00 Friday August 25, 2017


Open for all students, general public, individuals or groups. No restriction on nationality or age, or the numbers of work one can submit. Participants under the age of 20 should acquire the signature of their legal representative for approval, as well as signing the copyright transfer agreement.

Evaluation Methods and Result Announcement Schedule

  • Evaluation Period: On September 5-6, 2017, a review committee formed by the event organizer is scheduled to conduct the evaluation.
  • Evaluation Standards of Golden, Silver, Bronze, and Excellence Awards: Movies’ overall performance– structure, implication, connotation and post-viewing sentiments 50%; complementary level between the movie’s main message and the event theme 25%; originality– creativity presented in the content 15%; presentation techniques– videography and editing skill 10%.
  • Online Voting Mechanism for Popularity: The event’s website will present 2–5 minutes of the participants’ movies, voting begins now until 24:00 Friday, September 8, 2017, and winners with the most votes win the Most Popular Award (Event Website: http://viedo.teclandart.tw)
  • Award Announcing Time: September 8, 2017

Awarded Works will be on display for one month at the FUJIFILM Hengchang Gallery – Earth Image Photography Exhibition.

Award Policy

The organizer can adjust the award policy based on applicants’ submitting situation.

  • One Golden Award: Prize Money NT $50,000
  • One Silver Award: Prize Money NT $30,000
  • One Bronze Award: Prize Money NT $20,000
  • Three Excellence Awards: Prize Money NT$5,000

Submission Guideline

  • Video Standards: Each film should be 2-5 minutes in length, with additional promotional footage 30-60 seconds in length. The screen ratio is 16:9, with resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. If there is voice-over content, then Chinese and English subtitles should be included.
  • Video Type: Video content can be a short film, travelogue, or an interactive photo album,. Text and graphics can be added while editing in post-production.
  • Video Format: MPEG4, MOV, AVI, MPEGPS, WMV

Submission Method

Online Application Only

  • Submit your video via Youtube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion, and then fill out the application on the event website http://video.teclandart.tw
  • Movies uploaded to Youtube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion should be titled based on the following methods:
  1. 2-5 minutes film title: “Intertidal Symbiosis– .Applicant’s/Group’s Name (Chinese and English) — Title of the Film (Chinese and English)”
  2. 30-60 seconds promotional footage title: “Intertidal Symbiosis- Applicant’s/Group’s Name (Chinese and English) — Title of the Film (Chinese and English) — Promotional Footage”
  • Fill out the application:

Please provide the correct title of the film, with a filming concept (within 300 words), applicant’s name that is the same as the official name on the identification document and contact person’s info for correspondence. If there are multiple people involved in the project, please note all participants’ names and their roles in the remarks section.

Sign the consent to transfer copyrights, and allow usage of portrait images (as attached): If a work’s ownership is disputed, or if its title has been purchased or granted to others, please do not attempt to participate in this contest.


  • Once the film is uploaded and shared, it cannot be deleted from the event website.
  • The photos uploaded must be relevant to the event while not violating the social goodness and moral customs. The event organizer has the final power to determine the ownership of photos that are taken during the event. After uploading your photos, our event administrative personnel will confirm that it is appropriate based on the above-mentioned principles, and then publish it on the event website within one or two days.
  • It is strictly prohibited to misappropriate another person’s work as one’s own. Those awarded who violate this will cause their award to be canceled, and the applicants, instead of the event organizer, should be responsible for their violation of copyright.
  • All awarded works should be signed with the “Consent of Transfer of Copyrighted Property” form, so the event organizer can use it for non-commercial promotional purposes, and reproduce it for various performance formats based on the displaying necessity.
  • The event organizer reserves the right to modify and terminate this event at anytime, while more details regarding other affairs relevant to the event can be announced later.
  • To enter this contest is to acknowledge the various regulations defined by the organizer by default.