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Limited Edition Land Arts Passport for “2017 East Coast Land Arts Festival” on Sale from June 5! Bring Your Passport to the First MoonLit Sea Concert Experience

The East Coast National Scenic Area, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications is presenting the first of the “Moon Lit Sea” Concert Series on June 10th (Sat) 4 pm at ECNSA Visitor Center in Douli to open the “2017 East Coast Land Arts Festival.” The third annual East Coast Land Arts Festival has especially launched a “Land Arts Festival Passport” that offers value discounts of approximately $30,000 to give back to friends who participated in the East Coast Land Arts Festival. Early Bird purchase is available during June 5-11 in-store for the discounted price of NT $280, and will be available in its original price via various channels in-store and online, nation-wide and around the world, to allow friends who support arts and cultural events around the world to have a chance to acquire this beautiful passport.

“Land Arts Travel Passport” is priced at NT $300 each, its content includes festival event content, 11 recommended mini-tour routes, a transportation voucher, (Taiwan Fine Travel – East Coast One Day Trip Coupon, valued $299, allowing passengers one day unlimited rides with the Taiwan Fine Travel Coastal Route Shuttle and Dingdong Bus), $100 coupon redeemable at Moon Lit Sea Concert’s marketplace, and other useful information. More importantly, we allied with 86 local business operators to provide nearly $30,000 in discounts and bargain deals. The most special part is that the passport is designed into two pamphlets, one for collecting visitors’ stamps, and the other for discount coupons, so after using up the coupons, travelers can retain a memorabilia from their travel to the East Coast. Besides the passport, we also collaborate with Taitung Dawn Artist Village, Highway 11 Art Studio, and the Hualien Wild Rabbit Cafe, offering various Land Arts Festival limited edition merchandise, including waterproof picnic sets of utensils and table mats, craft beer, and handmade coffee gift boxes. After enjoying the Moon Lit Sea Concert, visitors who purchase the six sets of Land Arts Festival limited edition merchandise at Moonlit Sea Cafe onsite can have a 5% discount.

The first Moon Lit Sea Concert “Songs of the Earth” invites award-winning (Golden Melody, Golden Horse and Golden Bell Awards) singer-songwriter Suming; well-known local group Amis Gagen; Golden Melody Awarded best vocal group, Nan Wang Sisters; the most promising group Boxing; Ngerenger with his soulful voice from the mountainous forest; Seredau; and the Golden Melody awarded best indigenous vocal Sambuyi and more. Special activity “Family and Friends Facebook Check-in for Surprise Gift Bag” is designated to encourage groups of over five people who come to enjoy the concert to check-in on Facebook and upload pictures to the festival’s Facebook event page labeled “Moon Lit Sea Concert,” and receive one Surprise Gift Bag (per group). In addition, downloading “Mobile East Coast” application on your smart phone on the same day allows visitors to collect points and participate in our online raffle; the “ECNSA Event Page” also offers special gifts for liking their page. Friends from all around the world are welcomed to join us to enjoy this music concert as we enjoy the natural elements as “earth, the seat; sky, the ceiling; and ocean, the background.”

“2017 East Coast Land Arts Festival” presents rich content, and the detailed information is available on the ECNSA Website, www.eastcoast-nsa.gov.tw/ or the event’s official webpage, www.teclandart.tw. For event updates and related details, please follow “East Coast Land Arts Festival” Facebook Page.

[East Coast Land Arts Festival Travel Passport Sales Info] *Passport Valid from June 10 to October 31

(1) Early Bird Purchase (June 5-9)

  1. Discount Price: NT $280 each
  2. Purchase Methods: Mail to 2017landart@gmail.com specify your purchase, including number of passports, language preference (Chinese or English), and pickup location, and then our customer service team will reply with a confirmation email to complete your purchase.
  3. Pickup date and location: After completing the purchasing process, one can choose to pick up the passport on June 10 at either Taitung Dingdong Bus (Coastal Route) or Rabbit Cafe in Hualien.

(2) Early Bird In-store Purchase from June 10 to June 11

  1. Discount Price: NT $ 280 each
  2. Available Locations: Taitung Dingdong Bus (Coastal Route) Taitung Event Venue – Moon Lit Sea Cafe, and Rabbit Cafe at Hualien

(3)Nation-wide and Overseas Sales

From June 12, the passport is available via various sales channels online or in-store, nation-wide and overseas (priced NT $300 each)

‘Moon Lit Sea – Taiwan Fine Travel Free Shuttle Service’ arranges shuttle buses at 3 pm and 3:30 pm departing from Taitung Bus Terminal, returning at 9pm and 9:30 pm

‘Saturday and Sunday Paid Guided Tour’ Booking Contact: Wu Shulun 0926-314951

For Sale on June 5 – Moon Light Sea Cruise-ship Style Train Two Day Tour Package   

Hotline: Taiwan Railway Service Line 02-23815226, ext. 2282 or EZ Travel Customer Service O2-25O14O47

Website:  https://goo.gl/7505ta 

2017 East Coast Land Arts – Suming Endorsed Promotional Footage https://goo.gl/vvN5bN

2016 Land Arts Festival Highlights https://goo.gl/e5o7Wo

2016 Moon Lit Sea Concert Highlights https://goo.gl/LWBhRi

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