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2019 Moonlight Sea Concerts Calling for Performers ‘The Next Wave’

Moonlight Sea Concerts Calling for Performers

‘The Next Wave’     



The 167 kilometer stretch of land between Hualien City and Taitung City is a coastline bordered by a mountain range overlooking the Pacific on Taiwan’s East Coast. Such a long and narrow space between the mountains and the sea is home to many ethnic and language groups. Its fluid cultural diversity creates a unique symbiotic relationship, as well as a flourishing ocean orientated culture.


Each Moonlight Sea Concert is held to showcase the various features of the East Coast Land Arts Festival.  Past concerts have attracted over ten thousand people with highly recognized award-winning performers. Due to the increased popularity of the Moonlight Sea Concerts, many performers have recommended themselves and expressed interest to show their talents at the concerts. Therefore, “The Next Wave” was chosen as the theme of this year by the organizer of Moonlight Sea concert, calling for suitable performers and artists in the fields of music, dance, and theater. The symbiotic relationships and lively aesthetics brought together by ocean waves will be presented in the first Moonlight Sea concert of September.


All selected groups will be supported with professional technicians, equipment, thousands of captivated attendees on-site, as well as be integrated with Moonlight Sea’s marketing campaign to present the wholesome beauty of Taiwan’s East Coast through music and space, across various natural and cultural landscapes.



National East Coast Scenic Area Office, Ministry of Communications, Tourism Bureau



Taitung Dawn Artist Village



Moonlight Inn Enchantress Gallery, Dajian Structure, Ablazeye Design, Qingshan Cultural Enterprise



(1) Live performance on stage at the Moonlight Sea Concert venue, representing “The Next Wave”

(2) Duration of the performance (schedule attached) is 45 minutes (total) with content that is compatible with the Moonlight Sea Concert’s overall ambiance



Apply before midnight Sunday, June 30, 2019



No restriction. Individual or group of any number, all nationalities, and ages are welcome to participate. Legal guardian’s approval is required for applicants under the age of 20.


Judge Criteria and Result Announcement Time Frame

Judge Criteria:

  • Overall presentation- structure, imagery, content, and afterthoughts 50%

Content relevancy to event theme 20%

Creativity- originality of the presentation 20%

Online voting 10%

  • Online popularity votes: Participants should upload a video clip that is ten minutes or shorter, showcasing a performance, or song, onto the event’s official website. Voting starts now until midnight (Sunday) July 30, 2019. Winner with the highest votes will be awarded (voting webpage http://viedo.teclandart.tw)
  • Result Announcement: August 10, 2019

Show Schedule: Moonlight Sea Concert, September 14, 2019



  • Three Selected groups or individuals will be awarded a performance slot
  • Transportation Reimbursement of NT $10,000 (tax included) and a thank-you note.
  • Online Popularity Award for any online voter: One non monetary prize
  • The event organizer may make adjustments according to the applicants’ submission situation


Video Clip Submission

  • Duration: A video clip within 10 minutes of a group or individual performance
  • Genre: All kinds of music including pop, folk, traditional indigenous songs, and dances
  • Format: MPEG4, MOV, AVI, MPEGPS, WMV



Online only.

  • Participants should upload their video clip to Youtube, and then fill out the application on the event webpage (http://video.teclandart.tw).
  • Please follow these guidelines when naming your video:
  • Title of your video clip within ten minutes: “The Next Wave”- Participant/Group Name (Chinese, English)- Title of the Performance (Chinese, English)
  • Application: Please accurately fill out the video’s title, performers bio, imagination and ideas on the Moonlight Sea Stage (within 500 words), participant’s legal names (as shown on ID), and contact info. If there are more than one participant, please include the additional names of participants in the performance description on the form.
  • Consent to the use of portrait (as attached below): Parties with copy-right disputes are advised to not participate in this event
  • Approval of the legal guardian is required for those who are under the age of 20



  • Once the video and content is uploaded it cannot be removed from the event’s official website.
  • The video clip uploaded must be relevant to the event’s theme, and not violate any social and moral customs. The event organizer reserves the right to make the final decision regarding a participant’s qualification. Once the video is uploaded, the event administrator will confirm if the content meets the above principles and then will release it onto the official website within two days.
  • It is strictly forbidden to misappropriate other people’s works; any such violations will result in disqualification. Any violation of copyrights should be participants’ sole responsibilities and has nothing to do with the event organizer.
  • If the content involves visible and identifiable portraits from other groups or individuals, please obtain Consent of Portrait Right in advance to avoid copyright infringement.
  • Participants with selected works should sign a “Copyright Transfer Agreement” to allow the event organizer non-commercial and promotional usages of the content, and well as the right to reproduce it into various display formats according to the needs of the exhibition.
  • The organizer reserves the right to modify and terminate this event at any time, and remaining unspecified matters will be announced separately.
  • All the participants of this event must agree with the organizer’s terms and conditions.