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06/21︱Lan Xin Band

Lan Xin Band

Green and refreshing sensations permeate through the eyes from the mountain peaks after a rain. A delightful breeze rose from the valley brought a patch of cloud over. Listen mindfully, sounds like the warm and fuzzy music from the misty mountain. This is how they describe the music they perform with their life.

The ethnic background of the members of Lan Xin is not as simple as just one group. Everyone lives in their own village, and do what they want to do. They take music creativity as another way of extending their life. They meet whenever they can, sharing feelings with one another. Due to this exchange process, the band has a repertoire covering diverse styles from various indigenous groups in Taiwan.

Such karmic roots brought them together through music, and so wonderfully, the music further enables them to ponder on their roots based on their ethnic and cultural background. This is Lan Xin.

The group was started at the end of 2005. Zha-lao, the guitarist left while Kiro, our bassist joined at the beginning of 2006. After we recorded “Mother’s Eye” with Shao-hua on the guitar in 2008, our female vocal Lawa joined us. After drummer Lawai joined us in 2011, we began attending events with our six members formation till today. We pretty much tour around the island and attend all the shows related to the indigenous people, and we usually do not care about the compensation. The venues are mostly around Taitung, Hualien, Pingtung, and Taipei.