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07/04 | Tap Radio

“Whirlwind of Mountains and Seas, Echoes of a Multitude” – 

Tap Dance Concert

Tsugaru Shamisen x Piano x American Tap Dance

The whirlwind of mountains and seas resonates through the earth with the melodies of Tsugaru Shamisen, swift as the wind and tranquil as the forest. The multi-layered rhythms of tap dance reverberate, freely roaming through the vastness of the ocean and sky, accompanied by the delicate and timeless keystrokes of the piano. These elements intertwine, showcasing a fresh Taiwanese tap dance style fused with the Tsugaru Shamisen tradition originating from Aomori, Japan, shaping a diverse musical landscape that embraces Taiwan, Japan, and the United States. It expresses the spontaneous and liberated musical nature of tap dance, as well as the ongoing exploration of possibilities for artistic exchange in the realm of tap dance and various other art forms.