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07/18︱Ji Shuling

Ji Shuling plays piano, percussions and wooden flute splendidly, as a music teacher in a tiny elementary school in the mountain.

Over the years, Ji Shuling resides in the mountain forest, and her muse dwells in the majestic mountain and ocean in the natural world, as well as her students. Her voice is clean and clear, extremely penetrative, and fused with healing energy.

Her first original song, “Ask Critters in the Field,” in Ji Shuling’s first album titled “Dreams of the Goose Hill” was inspired by a government’s project to fill-in rivers around Pingdeng Elementary School for widening roads. “River is the most important space for me. When I am there by the river, I feel empty, free and comfortable,” she said, “The entire song asks the critters in the field repeatedly, “‘where has all the river water gone?’ Such a beautiful river just disappeared like that,” with pity and sorrow on her face. From then on, whenever she can, Ji Shuling frequently visits other rivers in the mountain for relaxation while seeking inspirations.