Welcome To Taiwan East Coast


Formed in 2007, TUDI-VOICE’s creative base is Taiwanese folk songs with a rock and roll spirit. They attend to Taiwan’s farming villages, grass-roots society, and sustainability through their music composition, and created a unique folk-rock style of Taiwanese farmers.

Through their music, they share reflections on civilization and modernization. Always on the path of pursuing truth and justice, they feel passionate and enthusiastic towards the land. They take every stage performance as a journey, and each one of their works, a beautiful poem dedicated to Taiwan. Persisting with the love and faith in the land, this powerful energy has been infused into their music and returned to Taiwan as a gift. Its melodies can be ferocious or gentle at times, but regardless of how it’s revealed, it is the most simple and natural force created by the land.



2009 – Fuck! Government

2010 – Return My Land

2011 – Song of the White Dolphin EP

2013 – Where is Happiness?

2017 – Roots

“Where is Happiness?” was nominated by the Gold Sound Award for the Best Group, Best Rock Album, Best Folk Single by the Ministry of Culture in 2014.

“City of Lost Memories” was nominated by the Gold Sound Award for the Best Folk Song Single by the Ministry of Culture in 2014

Nominated by the 29 Annual Gold Melody Award for the Best Album of the Year and the Best Taiwanese album in 2018.