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08/02 | Matzka


Singer, Song writer, Producer 

Matzka’s specialty is to mix Pop, Rock, Rap, R&B, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Funk, Heavy Metal, all kinds of different elements into Reggae to create his own Reggae Fusion style music.

Matzka grew up with a footloose and fancy-free childhood in a small indigenous village in the eastern Taiwan where mountain meets ocean. The life experience in the indigenous community gives him a simple, straight forward, and joyful personality. In his Reggae music , you can find the influences from the environment, personality, his Paiwan heritage and music instinct.

Matzka likes to put the stories that happens around him into his songs. His vivid lyrics, unique voice and enthusiasm   stage performance always attracts people getting into his Reggae music world and can’t help not to dance with his music!