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08/17︱Yujun Wang & Times

Wang Yujun, independent singer-songwriter, active participant in various creative and crossing-generic projects, and receiver of the first prize of the 2006 Taipei Poetry Festival Contest and Best Folk Single of the 2012 Golden Melody Awards. It is difficult to classify her works as she is fascinated by the inner truth of abstract while engaging with talents on multi-disciplinary collaboration in theaters, dance, images, seeking the cultural, natural and earthy connections.

Other musicians have been gradually joined the team over the years since the collaberation between Wang Yujun and Jez F. They progressed over the years, wobbly at times, the band formation “Yujun Wang and Times” was set in 2013. Their first album “Dispiriting Garden” was recorded and released. Their music flows like the movement of camera lenses, from realistic descriptions to internal close-up of montage on thoughts and memories, as the singing voices lead the audience, sauntering into the soundscape. When the trumpet joined with a full-bodied flavor, it’s time to dance, along with the double bass, other instruments, and melodic lines. This is a band, marching endlessly into our daily life, taking the audience touring around different places while continuously singing and making music.


Vocal / Guitar_王榆鈞 Wang Yujun

Double Bass_鄭凱帆 Zheng Kaifan

Drums_李宜舫 Li Yiwei

Sound / Percussion_方宜正 (Jez. F)

Trumpet_杜則翰 Du Zehan

Bandoneon / Violin_李承宗 Li Chengzong